by Vansheeka Chandra Verma August 27, 2020 2 min read

A lot of people keep looking for places where they can get their hands on Strega fashion. The simple answer to that question is, inside your own Gothic wardrobe. The fashion is quite inspired by the witch community (does not mean that you would need to appropriate the witch community, but you definitely borrow symbolism). Again, there is a thin line between being appropriated and honored.

For example, the pentagram is something that has been used quite indifferent and unique ways in the community and fashion so it may be alright to wear them. Also, Strega fashion is a bit rustic because of the huge influence of “rustic” (as the witch community believes in restoring Mother Nature). So, here are some tricks and tips that we have regarding how to buy for Strega Fashion:

  • Layered clothing is in

Strega Fashion isn’t really the whole picture of glamour (it can be if you want it, no restrictions) but rather a quite comforting, cozy aspect of it. Thus, layering always works. You don’t need to show a lot of skin. You literally wear three layers and it would be fine.

Picture by @momoka_pics

  • Get creative with makeup

It’s time to inspire your eyeliner game from the kohled eyes of Khal Droggo because that’s how amazing and creative you can be. Strega fashion is all about kohl, earthy tones, and using makeup to get inspired by nature.

  • Accessorize right!

As I said, the pentagram is something that can be used to symbolize Strega fashion. Strega fashion, however, is not just limited to this. Other symbols that can be used are horns, moon symbols, or different sorts of crystals.

  • If you do want to buy over the counter stuff, the pentagram bralette is one of our favorite picks to go ahead with. It’s quite a trope in the Gothic clothing arena and will not cost you more than a few bucks.

Image by @inkstajane


A lot of fashionistas swear by using the hoodie to your rescue if you simply don’t find anything else to wear. Guess what? They are freaking game changers when it comes to Strega fashion. They can be put on in the winters, can be used to go braless, or simply if you want to be hip.

Image by @mikc_photography


  • It’s 2020, skulls and bones cannot break your bones but make the perfect Strega wardrobe

As we said, organic is in. We’re definitely not saying that you need to get real bones to match your aesthetic (Although that might be cool according to some people!). You can just use skulls and bone for your own flair to the whole look.

Picture by @ziosiriccardo


  • Do not forget earthy tones

This does depend on the aesthetics you choose, but usually, browns and dark reds are the preferred colors in the Strega fashion arena. So look out for them.

Picture by @_babyxghoul

Also, you can always start by taking up the style of a popular culture witch icon, pick Sabrina, or Adams. The list is endless. Enjoy!


Vansheeka Chandra Verma
Vansheeka Chandra Verma

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