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by Transcending Trends August 26, 2021 2 min read

Being Goth is never about how you dress but how you feel. These are the seven markers we think you need to cross-check if really want to pass our Goth test:

  • You have once or played with your eyebrows 

Goths are not afraid of literally shaving their eyebrows or have super thin/thick eyebrows. You might have not personally tried them yourself, but definitely would have been fascinated by the idea.

  • You have thought about or dyed your hair several times

Well, this can be seen as a normal girl fantasy but you can’t help it when you think about the fact that coloring your hair the crazy red or peacock green is not a big deal. 

Sometimes what you wear also shows why you love the subculture so much. Speaking of which, boots form a part of it and you have drooled over several Gothic footwear over the years. Is it expecting too much if we are thinking that you own three pairs of boots?

  • You’ve caught people by surprise and “you look different” comments when you went out pretending normal.

Some people seriously lack imagination and it shows when you go out in normal clothes and they shoot you to stuff with, “Oh! You look so completely different”, “I have never seen you like this. what happened?” or worse, “See. You look so much better when you are not dressing that weird”. Don’t listen to them but enjoy the looks and understand how much in deep end are you on the dark side.

  • Piercings, you think of them as totally cool even though some of them scare the crap outta you

We have known people who are so afraid of getting pierced but still adore them. we understand that multiple ear piercings and other piercings can be pretty hard or even painful and appreciation is the key. Kudos to people who actually get it and inspire us.

  • Bangs don’t seem like a bad idea. You may even want to try it

Bangs are one of the most hairstyles in popular culture because and have been subjected to jokes. However, bangs don’t come off as a bad idea and are even appreciated in the subculture. Most of all, you don’t look down on people who have them or want to have them. you may be even one of them.

  • You are detoxed from the idea of evil and immoral and know it has ideological problems behind it

The word ‘witch’, ‘Lilith’, or Satan don’t register as evil to you. you understand that even though they might not be a part of your subculture (although you may be associated with them), you have learned to appreciate them because you understand the evil is just a societal construction.

These are some of the things it can actually pay attention to if you plan to be in the subculture in the long term. Remember what we started this article with. Goth is not just a fashion but a lifestyle.

Transcending Trends
Transcending Trends

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