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by Transcending Trends September 18, 2020 2 min read

The world may find the Goth fashion weird and curious which is completely right because we are weird and curious. Since we are living in the time of pandemic and we do sound like those Instagram Influencers when we speak of how we should come out of quarantine with a new hobby. We don’t need to. However, they can be fun and soothing at times.

  • Jewelry art

These became quite an obsession for a lot of girls with jewelry play boxes coming in existence. However, there are people who pursue this rather seriously and your local shops that sell garment material also have a lot of these available in their stores. Pick them up carefully and try with normal jewelry making. This helps for a lot of people when they are trying to run a Goth fashion blog. A lot of people end up on etsy this way too.

  • Gardening

This may sound like a weird, weird hobby but there is quite a payoff to this hobby. You see, gardening is not outside of anybody because succulents and smaller plants are available that can be used for aesthetic purposes. A whole garden will also go for with it. its also an intelligent and environment friendly way to use the space.

  • Pottery

What if you can actually create small pots and mugs that go with your aesthetic. Now of course, there is an elaborate procedure to how that is done but it can also be a great activity if you have kids at home as well. Painting your own coffee mug that matches your soul ought to do it. Ain’t it? (Picture credit: Rebloggy)

  • Feather collecting

Kids usually love doing this. in fact, people have small case collection. Of course, the obvious thing that comes to mind when we think of feathers is a dreamcatcher. However, they can be used in various other places. For example, you can try to make accessories out of them or home décor. You can paint them black too and nobody would even know!

  • Glass painting

This is quite helpful. You may need glass paints that are commercially available to do so. if you find comfort in painting, drawing or coloring, this can actually help you. 

  • Spray painting

The good thing about spray painting is that it can be as chaotic or as beautiful as you want it to be. you can use spray paint for various things. You can spray paint clothes, backgrounds, maybe even your background if you are taking pictures. Spray painting is much more versatile and again, is a fun family game too if you want to make it one.

These are some weird hobbies we think can help people enhance their Goth fashion. These are collected from across spaces from where we think it can benefit our culture. We also have seen various examples of these being put to work. What are some of your weird hobbies that you use in your Goth fashion?

Let us know through the comments. 

Transcending Trends
Transcending Trends

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