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by Vansheeka Chandra Verma October 22, 2021 2 min read

As a goth, office-appropriate wear can be a bit of a hassle if you work in a corporate. When I had been chilling in quarantine, I would sit in my pajamas all day and attend office. However, it's now all about going back to the office, and the corporate demands a very clean-cut look. So, I had been going over for some inspiration to keep my Goth identity intact. Of course, you can alter them according to your own convenience so here is what I use to make my outfits more “office appropriate”

  • I just use that good old belt

Lately, I’ve been a bit obsessed with corset belts. They are such a versatile clothing item and I can see myself wearing one all the time. It will literally go over anything! A dress, pants, skirts, you name it! So yes, I throw these under my formal shirts and pants and it does end up doing wonders for my own outfit. Go ahead, try these! You won’t regret it one bit. 

  • Get your nails done all freaky!

This is something that I effectively used as a sneaky way to rebel when I was sometimes told to “tone down” myself. I know this isn’t exactly an outfit hack but it’s a hack nonetheless. I used to get nail art done when I wanted to rebel against those businessmen who used to think life needs to be drab for you to do your job right. Guess what? I can kick ass wearing these spooky nails.

  • Use Victorian influenced tops inside your suit

This is something I absolutely adored and still do. On days you are forced to rally to be in formals, a shirt that has a bit of Victorian embroidery helps. If not embroidery, pick one that has a Victorian collar. You can pair them with chinos and skip a coat and even if you have to wear one, you have several options available in Gothic Babe store that can be deemed gothic/Victorian/punk and be easily worn under suits.

I swear to god! I have used this so many times.

Them: You should wear a coat, a shirt, and pants. That’s what formal is

Me, standing in my 90s Dracula-themed outfit: But… I’m following your instructions only!

Although I will advise you to tread lightly. My boss of that time had a sense of humor. Yours may not!

Picture by @rythian_black

  • Bandeau vests

These are a bit slick but they work really well. Similar to corset belts, they provide authenticity to your looks and keep you looking crisp and professional. These are varying from leather-bound to very detailed ones. It will define your outfit and can be used to switch from professional to party person in no time. 

Picture by @whiitedoll2


These are some ways I spice up my office outfits. What do you do? Let us know!

Vansheeka Chandra Verma
Vansheeka Chandra Verma


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