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by Transcending Trends July 28, 2021 2 min read

Covid-19 has ruined a lot of weddings and we are complete with you in the grief. However, we are also aware that this has given you more time to deal with the wedding stress. So how about we talk about the kind of details your Goth wedding should have so that it becomes more elegant than before? Maybe we should be able to convince you to spend more money on the wedding, more than you already are!

  • Beautiful candle stands instead of flowers

Candles are way more versatile and elegant than flowers when it comes to wedding decors. Candles are a bit more on the side of limited choices. However, they’re not really rare to get. So make your pick.

Picture by @tanya_bright 

These are just freaking versatile. Make it as décor. Get skull candles. Use them on a cake design or even as just showpieces and they will just instantly fit the gothic theme. In fact, you can use bones as well due to give the wedding a rustic feel.

  • Drinking chalices of metal rather than glass

Want to have a more medieval look at the wedding? Switch those glasses with metal chalices. They are a safer option than glass because they can’t break and make you pay extra for the broken glasses. Kids can be allowed (if you like them) too.

by @fairyglen
  • Decorative Bird Cages

Can anything say more “Nevermore!” than decorative bird cages? Also, if you have a funny bone, you can always make the old “till death does us apart!” phrase twist on it. We all love good wedding humor.

  • Casket Full of Stuff

Caskets never go of style. You can literally make a whole casket full of drinks or you can put table candies on it. A lot of things can be done with those.

  • Black Mirrors

These are the ones that are on the tinier details but look so pretty that you can admire them for hours. Black mirrors are elegant and can be used in a plethora of ways. They can be just wall hangings or you can get trays made of them. You can also make the finer details with them by asking your DIY or wedding planner to make showpieces with them.

  • Halloween pumpkins are out, we got more pop culture references

You can always go the traditional way of pumpkins and dressing them up. However, you can be cooler and go for other fruits that represent death, disaster, chaos. For example, pomegranates (Symbol of Hades and Persephone), Melon (goddess Kali, sexuality, death, and destruction.


  • Really old alcohol bottles

We know this is a bit of stretch but really old alcohol bottles give the feel of an old vampire essence. Get creative with how you’ll show or represent the ‘oldness’ of the alcohol but we are sure you can always come up with something new.

These are some of the ideas that we think will make take goth wedding decorations to the point. However, if you have more ideas, let us know.


Transcending Trends
Transcending Trends

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