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by Vansheeka Chandra Verma April 29, 2020 2 min read

Things NOT to do in the Goth fashion Industry

These are no trade secrets. However, these are so easily missed that these need to be headed to if you want to build a long following on the Gothic industrial front. These tips apply on any front. If you are a seller, a buyer, an influencer or Goth beauty guru, or even a newbie just tip toeing into the fashion realm of the Goth, these are some things that you should absolutely avoid.

  • Cultural appropriation

This is, we feel, the trickiest one. So let us first draw a boundary here. Not everything is cultural appropriation if it is borrowed from a different culture. We have seen people fight over this, talking about how just borrowing from the community is cultural appropriation. Hear us out. borrowing from a different culture is alright for example, the tribal face paintings very prevalent in the community. However, you need to understand that borrowing and appropriating is different. How to avoid appropriating? Well, read into it. understand why the face paintings exist in the first place and weigh and understand the consequences. If you feel that by borrowing the idea not hurt the sentiments of the community or negate it, then refrain from incorporating it. If you still have to, talk to someone from the community, learn and then proceed.

  • Just do it for the aesthetics

Just liking black isn’t about being Goth. Read about the culture and keep reading it so that you understand how it modifies. Remember that Goth is not a genre but a subculture in itself and there is a reason why people still follow it. You don’t necessarily also have to be Goth to like Black. Understand that only you and you alone have the ability to label yourself.

  • Stop with the sexism

We have all heard the “big tiddy goth gf” joke. Don’t do that! being a goth woman, its not very nice if you hear so on the street. This is more of an outsider thing too but some men think they should be Goth to get goth girls. No! We would like a good man, goth or not.


  • Mock ethnic goths

This is just one thing that the community oversees because it just feels convenient. Ethnic Goths are lesser in number but they exist. By mocking them you are not being cool or hip. Rather, you are propagating the wrong idea especially when Goth is a space of rebellion.


  • Put up an act of “cynicism” because its cool

This one has a lot to do with why Goths get judged. Goths, tend to think tend to act cynical because it’s a trend. While this is not true for all, some Goths do think it’s the ideal way to build a repertoire. It is not and mental health is not a joke. Read and educate yourself before making a call of your content.

These things are some things you should be wary of.

Always remember that sometimes even when you are right, hate still finds a way and you need to deal with it. Stay Gothic!

Vansheeka Chandra Verma
Vansheeka Chandra Verma


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