by Vansheeka Chandra Verma April 24, 2020 2 min read

Goth fashion: expectations vs. reality

When it comes to Goth fashion, not everything is smooth sailing. You can end up looking like a fashion mishap rather than the cool Goth person in the public place where we so itch to sometimes make an impression. This article is written in the spirit of fun to show sometimes that Goth fashion isn’t as easy as it looks at times. If you have any incident or observation, we’d love to hear from you. Anyway, here is the list.

  • The summer heat is real

Wearing all black outside in the summer heat is not as easy as it looks. You have to keep telling your body- look, I’m kinda trying the whole ‘I-don't-care’ thing and you making me sweat is not a good look. But well, the sun ain’t co-operating with us. You actually get burned up in the heat (I may not look like I need sunscreen, but deep down, I really, really do!). Also, another horrible part is that it can actually melt your makeup (especially in a tropical setting) if you are not careful. We don’t lurk in the shadows because we want to. It’s just that I can’t afford to see you with makeup melting on my face.


  • Fishnets and laces leave marks all over the body

We look sexy wearing it, all the lace and fishnets but guess what? It has its own struggles. Sometimes, wearing it for prolonged hours can get us tattooed in the pattern for long times. Not that we mind, but it can actually be sometimes irritating.

  • Expensive dresses

Recently watching a Safiya Nygaard video, we realized that Goth dresses are hard to get. Sure, we have a lot of places where we can get dresses, but none of those elegant Pinterest ball gown stuff. You have to spend thousands to actually get one like that. Safiya Nygaard had to get one made because she had to do a wedding dance and yes, of course, she is a sweetheart. Anyway, so you may see these beautiful boutique dresses where flawless models pose, but it really gets to us that we may only be able to get one of these dresses and that just breaks our heart.

Safiya Nygaard’s black wedding dance dress

  • Shaving eyebrows

Freaking hell, this one is just one of those things that you got to do it to find out if it will actually suit you. That, my friend, is terrifying. Especially in these times when the trend is of thick brows, picking up that razor and going with it is a scary game. Kudos to people who go through with this. You people deserve an award!

  • Keeping those hairstyles

The Mohawk is a fun sexy hairstyle or the sleek victorian hair is too but do you know what the real struggle is? Keeping them that way. It requires a lot of products and styling to get to that and even then it sometimes gets ruined.

These are some of the annoying Goth fashion expectations vs. reality we all have seen. We are sure we have missed a lot of them so do tell us what expectations vs. reality have you seen when it comes to Goth fashion.

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