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by Transcending Trends May 22, 2020 3 min read

Memorial Day weekend is upon us and this four day weekend is packed with sun, fun, and mega deals 😎

Or maybe not as the coronavirus is still out there lurking in the shadows waiting to claim its next victim.

Seriously though, being forced to social distance by an unseen threat sucks big time especially during a national 4 day weekend packed with mega store savings nationwide BUT that doesn’t mean that you have to miss out...

Here are the 6 top ways to maximize your Memorial Day Shopping while staying safe.

6. Choose Outdoor Malls

If your inner rebel is bound to stand against this virus, make sure you plan your attack.

Autopsies have found that many of the victims that fell to covid-19 were Vitamin D insufficient. 

We get Vitamin D from the sun so what better way to combat the coronavirus while simultaneously getting your shopping fix in by choosing to shop at outdoor malls and Outlets.

Outdoor malls and outlet stores are perfect for this as they force the customer to walk around in the sun from store to store.  This allows you to get your daily dose of Vitamin D from our orange buddy above while taking advantage of the Memorial Day shopping sales.  Now, this won’t keep you from GETTING the virus (proper 6 feet distance at all times is still necessary) but it will help you boost your immune system in case you come in contact with the virus.

5.  Call ahead

Many retail stores are now opening across the county in their “Phase 1” rollout.  Most retail stores are restricted by hours and how many guests are allowed into the store at any given moment (Las Vegas is currently only allowing 50% capacity).  Call ahead and check to see what the regulations are and their store hours.  Remember to ask them the hours they are LEAST busy so you are not caught outside standing line 6 feet apart, waiting to get in.

4. Gear up

This is a give-in, but maybe you are one of “those” who needs to hear it again so… 


Look, I can’t blame you for your excitement to get out there and hit the four day weekend of special sales but remember your health and the health of those around you during these times.  This virus is serious babe, and trust me, you don’t want to get it!

Also don’t forget to take hand sanitizer, gloves or both with you on your trip.

3.  Wear Sunglasses

As we already know this virus spreads from touching a contaminated surface and then touching your face.

Now is one of those times that it is “OK” to be rocking your shades inside.  Not only will this have you looking styling with your sharp red lipstick and pale skin, it will protect your beautiful eyes from your desire to rub them.

So remember to rock your hater blockers

2. Listen to Soothing music

I know you love yer heavy metal too but let’s mellow it down a bit for this memorial day weekend shopping as you know the crazies will be out… and you know how the crazies make you crazy so let’s plan ahead with this one.

Don’t throw the rock out completely… rather, I’m suggesting you substitute your Black Sabbath this weekend for some more chill rock.  Maybe bring back some 90’s grunge rock this weekend. 

Listening to Nirvana always used to put me in a chill place.

1.  Shop Online

Let’s face it...  We are goths and we hate most people. 

And by most people I mean all the ones who are breathing 😈

You can still take full advantage of the Memorial Day Sales without the chaos of dealing with the masses.

Many brick and mortar retail stores mirror their sales online and online only stores,  like Gothicbabe.co, are promoting for you to stay home, be safe and to avoid the crazies by offering badass sales all weekend long.

Be sure to check out  Gothicbabe.co for the Memorial Day Discounts as they are giving away an additional 20% off everything in the store on top of their current marked down prices.  Yes that means even the clearance section hun 😉

This way you can keep rocking out to your Black Sabbath while taking advantage of the Memorial Day Savings that you deserve at the comfort of your own couch.

Simply use the discount code “Memorial-Cvd19” at checkout to take advantage of this sale.

Although, I would still suggest that you rock your stunna shades while shopping, as you are a rockstar afterall darling! 🤘😎

Have fun.  Be safe and enjoy this - Covid 19 Memorial Day Weekend, that you will surely never forget.
🖤 Tara Nova

-Embrace Your Dark Side
Transcending Trends
Transcending Trends

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