by Vansheeka Chandra Verma May 18, 2018 2 min read

Fashion trends always keep on changing. We all know about the highlighters that are used to give, a dewy glow to the skin. The highlighter trend is so in that there were practical memes on it.

The highlighter glow has been literally absent from the Goth subculture because the fashion dictates a pale skin (going for the corpse like effect). Its uncommon that usually a modern trend gets drawn into the subculture but guess what? The highlighters made their way into the subculture with a touch of their own. It is the first time that it literally got accepted into the mainstream fashion without any judgment. What was the twist, though?

Well, the highlighter was black. Yes! We literally have a black highlighter and it looks as popping as ever!

It is also known as the anti-highlighter. As soon as it came, it became a huge fashion trend. So for what purpose is it used for? Well, it’s called anti-highlighter for a reason. The whole idea is to darken your makeup so that it highlights all the important, lighter areas such as under the eye or the chin or the bridge of your nose, without the actual use of a highlighters (some YouTubers claim that you do not need a concealer even but they aren’t essentially Goth so that is a part where we would advise you to look for it yourself).

Anti-highlight has a very special effect on the camera as it literally conceals the area you wish to hide making it quite good for SFX makeup. But can’t we just use a glittery black eye shadow instead of the black highlighter? Apparently, that’s a valid question provided makeup artists play a lot with the idea of makeup. The real answer is that it’s your choice but the effect that the highlighter gives is what they are supposed to do and that is, a subtle hint of dark. Its easier to blend as well.

The two winning black highlighters in the market are- Rituel De Fille’s Eclipse anti-highlight (left) and Jefree Star’s Onyx Ice (right).

They have both been reviewed and critiqued. Now the real question is, as a Goth, how can you use it differently?

Our best recommendation is to swap it for the contour to give a more ghastly effect to the skin. It would be very helpful if you are into the creepy mermaid look.

Other than that, it can be used to create the perfect shadow effect. If you do want to use it as a normal highlight, make sure you blend it in with the makeup well so that it gives the effect you are trying to achieve. Have we told you that it makes a literal best inner eye highlight? It just does. Make sure you are doing a super dramatic eye makeup and throw in the glitter to create the wonder. Brush a little of it onto your body to make those collarbones catch some attention. Do you have other ways to use the highlighter? Let us know.

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