by Vansheeka Chandra Verma May 14, 2018 3 min read

Goth fashion that are back in the fashion scene:

Goth fashion has been viewed as something that is downright scary. Wearing black all over, bizarre accessories, darkness, Goths have been built under stereotypes of the culture. They are usually labeled deranged, chaotic or Satan worshippers. It is only until recently that people have started debunking the myths around the subculture. Perhaps, the most accepting genre in terms of the modern culture has been the fashion industry. Here is a list of things that have been adapted from the Gothic culture in the new fashion scenario.

  • Fishnets

Fishnets have had an evolution, in my understanding. From depicting it to something that sex slaves wear to being adapted even by the “normal” fashion and beauty bloggers, the stockings have come a long way. The fashion industry is using them everywhere to their own befitting purpose.

  • Corsets

Corsets were usually used in the Victorian era but even after the fashion swept from the main scene, the Goth culture kept it with itself. After being labeled as Gothic, the trend has come back to wear corsets. They have been adapted everywhere from corset dress, corset tops, corset pants to being worn individually, the corset is there.

  • Black lipstick

Shocking! Isn’t it? The black lipstick was the biggest freak show of the era. The thing that only belonged to the Gothic culture. And now, people are wearing it like it belongs to them. In fact, I recently read this article talking about how to pull off a black lipstick without appearing Goth. Its ironical how appearing Goth in public is still a problem even though people are completely fine with adopting their fashion sense.

  • Latex and Leather

Associated only with the J Goths, Latex was viewed as something abnormal to wear. It was even considered unholy and eyed with fear by a lot of people in the culture. But fashion does crazy things to you, right? Kim Kardashian wore an entire latex dress to several of her events. Even Cardi B has been seen rocking the trend in her music video Bodak Yellow. Needless to say, it is now in the fashion trend because who challenges the Kardashians?

  • Boots

Although boots never went out of fashion, in the Goth culture, they had an evolution. While I whole world was tip-toeing on pumps and heels, Goths were still wearing boots and keeping it go all around the way in the fashion industry. Boots are right now very much into the scene and almost everyone owns one of them. Be it the newer version of small boots or the grunge Doc Martens. They are everywhere.

  • Piercings

I’m not talking about the normal piercings like the nose or the ear. There are an actual number of places where Goths get their piercings. The septum being the signature of Goths, they are also prone to getting lip piercings, eyebrow piercings and even neck piercings. Piercings are in a hot fashion trend now. The biggest example of a non-Goth woman wearing a piercing on her septum would be Halsey. She is an international star with a septum piercing. Also, Zayn Malick has been spotted with a new nose piercing in his recent looks.

  • Tattoos

We don’t even seem to remember when we did consider tattoos to be crazy and dramatic. Normal people only went for tattoos when they had to signify something. Gothic culture has a huge tattoo culture and that is why the pop culture chose to show the villains with having full body tattoos. Recently however, people get inked because it’s in the culture.

  • Hair color

After the Victorian Goths gave way to the Cyber Goths, they brought a huge revolution in the Gothic subculture-colored hair. After that, the other types of Gothic movement started adopting the colored hair as well. The result? After years of scorn and hate, people have finally decided that hair color gives dimension to their personality. So now you cannot walk on the streets without spotting people with colored hair.

  • Half shaven heads

Probably the most dramatic, is the bringing back of the 80s Deathrocker culture of shaving half their heads to make a statement. It’s a common scenario in today’s world. I recently met a Mumbai Xavier student with half-shaven red hair with tattoos and piercings and guess what? She is not even Goth. Even Hollywood has caught up with the fever.


I remember coming back and engaging in a talk with several of my colleges who admitted that she was so bold and cool. Me? I was smiling. Hopefully, one day when Goths walk around, people don’t view them as freaks and understand that it’s their own choice and ideology. Good job, fashion industry!

Vansheeka Chandra Verma
Vansheeka Chandra Verma

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