We all know her. The rest of the world knows her as the demoness who rules hell. Feared in the Christian culture, she is the beautiful damnation that every man should fear. Right? No! Let’s just unfold her real tale so that some common confusion such as her being a cruel seductress is abandoned. So let me tell you the reality of Lilith and why being like her isn’t a bad thing.

She was made from the same dust that Eve was made. She was supposed to be the wife of Adam. However, they soon fell out because Lilith refused to sleep with Adam if he doesn’t let her lie equal to her or above him. Adam wanted a woman who would lie below him. This was not acceptable to Lilith. Adam was furious and tried to rape her into submission. Lilith was able to escape. After she left, Eve was made who agreed to lie below Adam. Lilith was proclaimed to be a demon.

We would leave you with the narrative to have your own judgment. We are here to just tell you why we are writing about her. After a decade of being feared, feminist re-readings have pointed out how Lilith wasn’t the ‘demoness’ described but the strong independent woman that chose herself over anyone. She is a free spirit and doesn’t like being penned or pinned down.

Here’s how the modern Lilith looks like; paint a woman with a cause, the one who holds her head high and does not need anyone to survive. She is very in tune with her inner energies. She knows what she wants and gets it.  She’s the definition of strong. She is the adventurer, always in the pursuit of something better.

What does she wear? Whatever she wants to. She has no fear of being judged. There is a Lilith in all of us. Why are we ranting about a woman on a fashion blog? Well, lets look at some of her modern fashion interpretation for the bold and sexy woman she is.

These are usually Gothic interpretations of hers. As you can see, both the above images represent her embracing their inner power. It is dark but it is important to understand that without the dark, there is no light (a very dominant ideology in the Gothic subculture, at least at some level). Lilith as a fashion symbol is however, not containable.

She strives on the beauty of chaos and freedom. Of course, the literal symbolism of her was wearing all black probably on the path to seduce men. No!     She is the free spirit that attracts men and not the vice versa. Lilith is symbolic of everything misunderstood. Sometimes embraced as a goddess, she keeps herself helpful but detached.

To everyone that has been told or mocked for being different, Lilith is your girl. She is all of us just if we decide to embrace our inner darkness.