by Vansheeka Chandra Verma August 19, 2019 2 min read

The fierce side of pastel Goth: animal inspired


Pastel Goth is not always pretty colors and cute looks. Some of us are pastel Goth and fierce at the same time. Recently, we have come across the trend of animal inspired makeup in the pastel Goth community to ditch the cute and adorable looks. Instead, they embody the animal spirit. (We aren’t getting into the argument of are they really Goth? Don’t start with us! We are trying to comment on the trend as neutral parties so just enjoy the looks)

  • The tiger look

This is a very common and popular look. The tiger can be embodied in a lot many ways, from being super dramatic of painting full body in yellows and blacks to just doing the eye shadow like that. Either way, we can understand why it’s a popular look. Nobody wants to be a sheep in a tiger’s world. Do they?


  • Peacock look


This sound and comes with more artsy and sophisticated undertones. This is much more of an intricate look rather than just painting and sit down to do it only if you are willing to put your time and effort. Once it’s done, it needs to be carried out with the same grace as a peacock carries its looks. 


  • Cat look

Oh gosh! One of another favorite. Since cats have been popular in the popular culture and books as well, there are a lot of to draw inspiration from. They should be. You can be doing a Cleopatra look and draw the cat on your eye as an art and hey! It suits. You can go ahead and take inspiration from Alice and wonderland and the cashmere won’t be offended (you might just be able to create her weird grin too).


  • Rabbit look

Let’s look past the sexual innuendo and try to get an objective perspective on this look. It’s great. We all know that it can actually be used to create a sexy as well as an innocent look. However, we cannot ignore the fact that Playboy is all about sexualizing it. Just make your pick.


  • The raven

Not to mention, you can actually not be pastel Goth to be doing an animal inspired makeup look. The raven look is dark, deadly and well, Morgana would be so happy with you. If you don’t know who she is, girl! You need to find out about her.


  • Parrot look


To be honest, this is as versatile as it gets. They are beautiful creatures with such vibrant colors, they are the absolute best that you can recreate. A lot of makeup artists do and you can find a lot of inspiration to create your best look.


Before we go ahead, we’d just like to remind you to try using vegan products and be a part in conserving nature. Animals are a gift from nature and should be treated so. Other than that, go ahead with this message bring your artistic side out. We love to see your fantastic work.

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