by Vansheeka Chandra Verma August 01, 2019 2 min read

Fake blood: your friend to scary


I was never much of a gore person. Honestly, having mild bloodglucophobia, you are bound to find yourself a little nauseous even at the site of blood. So, if you do have bloodgucophobia, please skip through this article. It’s a little bit hard for me to write about it too.

Now onto the people who don’t mind blood. You can go ahead with using it to enhance yours pictures with it. The most popular way is to definitely buy stick on and fake it but if you are severely broke, there is a cheaper version of what you can do.

You’ll need an adhesive (like Fevicol), a brush and red paint. Take the adhesive and apply it in the area you want to fake a gash. Then, before it dries, with a finger, little tap onto it so that it looks more natural when you apply the paint. Once it dries off, take the paint and go over it. Make sure you cover the dried area fully. You can also add a little darker red on the edges so that it looks nastier.

There you have it, the way to fake gashes. It’s a good way to add life and gore to a dead, alive look. The vampire look can also make do of it. If you are recreating the vampire look, you can always make it much more elegant by taking a beautiful vintage wine glass with a drink that is blood red. I’m not much on an expert on drinks or alcohol, so I would leave it up to you.

Another great way to use fake blood is when you are doing an art based look. For example, you want to do a look of a stabbed man? Or want to make see a lose piercing your head? just use the blood to make it more realistic.

I would advice not using meat blood for the faint hearted. I mean, Hollywood loves using it but it just again, makes me want to throw up so probably not the very best idea to carry that out. You can, however, use food color as a better alternative. Especially if you are planning the blood to be coming out from your face (lips, eyes and nose being the most common ones). It’s a safer option.

Lastly, my absolute favorite way of using fake blood is to when I’m creating the slashed neck look. It is a bit complicated than a simple gash but it works because it looks realistic and the paint is much more effective because it flows to create that natural look. I have created the headless ghost more than once because it is so extra and I love it.

Well, these were some ideas that you can play with when you are experimenting with fake blood. Start small and it’ll figure itself out. It comes with practice. If you are cosplaying and decide to go with the a sharp object such as knife or glass shards, be careful.

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