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Circle lenses: your guide to a perfect Gothic look

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One of the most underrated equipment in the Goth fashion community is the oomph that lenses add to the entire look. Circle lenses are easily available right now in the market. Be careful what you buy too because a lot of them could be just focused on earning some quick bucks. Eyes need to be protected. Also, make sure you are purchasing the lens liquid and taking care of them according to the prescribed company/doctor.

Now, moving on to how to incorporate it into fashion, we are all aware of the classic all black eyes because that just makes the whole game scary to another level. However, a lot of people complain about it. So, you can also go ahead and try the black circle lenses (or pick one that goes with your natural eye color). The reason we are advising you is that it makes your eyes look instantly more impactful and colorful. This is a classic trick used by a lot of Korean women to make their eyes doll like. The notion of being a doll like look is that it can look unnatural and you can use makeup to enhance its creepiness.

Getting to another of our favorite is the full white lenses. Another interesting one because this is just a classic ghost trope. No eyeballs. That is just plain scary. Also, it kind of gives you an ethereal look as well (reminds us of Pollution from Good Omens or Electra). So yeah, they are pretty great combinations. Looking at colors, some of them can form actual star competitors here. For example, a red circle lens would prove freaking amazing if you are a Victorian Goth (because thanks to a lot of popular notion, it is considered a typical vampiric marker.

Purple is a tricky color to handle but can work real well if we for once consider that Pastel Goth is a diverse field of exploration. Again, the more electric it is, the more impactful it will be. This is the same case for pink. Since they are mellow colors (or are considered so), it can add a playful twist to the Goth outfits.

Greens and Greys are our favorite picks. Thanks to all the Slytherin and Christain Grey (from Fifty Shades of Grey), the two colors are associated more and more with sinister and darker tones. In fact, psychological color pallet tells that grey is the color of dominance, authority, and autonomy. Green, on the other hand, is diverse with its mood pallet.

These are our favorite picks for the circle lenses if you are looking to buy one and incorporate it into the look. However, honorable mentions can be made to darker shades of blue because the ocean is beautiful but it is still a scary place. Else, you can go for yellow in the sense of adding contrast. So, try it out and see for yourself. We are pretty sure the prospects would widen for you. 


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