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by Vansheeka Chandra Verma June 24, 2019 2 min read


We are feeling archetypal (that was a real bad joke). Have you noticed that most of the evil queens have been given the Goth fashion or something lying close to it? For example, Ursula from the Little Mermaid. So we thought maybe we should talk about the archetypal constructions of the evil queen because a lot of us have played with the idea of evil with authority.

  • No fucks given

She is all but concerned about what other people would say about her. Think of the queen from Narnia. She was the ultimate ice queen without bothering about anyone but her personal gains.


  • Authority is everything

Authority and power are the only two things that they need. If nothing, the authority (could have a physical representation of a crown, a throne) is their baby that needs to be kept protected at all costs.

  • They have real weird habits

Yes, every one of them (I am talking about media constructions). Cersie Lannister doesn’t mind incest. Charlize Theron exhibited signs of compulsive behavior when she played the evil step mother of Snow white.

  • Enjoys sadism

Well, nobody even tries to understand why they are evil. They are somewhat given sadistic characters depending on the audience that is to be catered. Cruella De Ville is one exception because man! Who kills puppies for their fur? She was both evil and sadistic.

  • Tragic backstories

All of them but we have seriously got mixed opinions about it cause most of the backstories that these women are given are about heartbreak and betrayals by the men. Or other women who were motivated by other men. Please Harley Quinn! You’re not even a bad person, you are just crazy in love (and not to mention the fact that your relationship with Joker is toxic).

  • Sarcasm and sharp tonged

One of the main features of their personality which we actually don’t agree with. Why? Because sarcasm needs a lot of intelligence and that implies that only intelligent women can use sarcasm and that makes intelligence in a woman, a demonizable trait. All women are intelligent and capable of sarcasm.

  • Wear only dark colors

All of them are dark color pallet divas. Sometimes they would make an exception and that would be wearing white/pink but that is only in scenes where they have to put up a sort of display.


  • The ‘hyperfeminine’

They exhibit themselves to be more powerful than even men. If not, she would be a seductress, armed with nightshade or love potions. They may even be after the prince charming to kill.

  • Highly materialistic

She values money more than human relations (So.. should we generalize that all Capricorns are the evil queen archetype?).

We all think that it is time that the evil queen dynamic changes and we all get a queen that is more Margery Tyrell instead of Cersei, full of grey shades and guided by her own personal motives.

She is a queen and she is on the throne for a reason. Let us cut her some slack.

Vansheeka Chandra Verma
Vansheeka Chandra Verma


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