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by Vansheeka Chandra Verma June 30, 2019 2 min read

Secretly Goth Eye Shadow Pallets


We all know Kat Von D and her amazing collections that are curated just for the Goth community but you might also be looking to experiment with other products. In this blog, we are trying to look at eye shadow pallets that aren’t marketed as Goth but hold the potential to be one of the pallets you can use to create a Goth look. So let’s dive right in.

  • BH cosmetics Supernova pallet

This is an astrology/planet inspired eye shadow pallet that would definitely give you a wide range of shimmery colors to play with from blacks to darker reds and purples. The market has been raving about the pallet as well. Try it out and you would find that with the color combination it has, it is actually super easy to create a Goth look from a pallet as diverse as this.


  • Huda beauty smoky obsessions

We tend to use the Huda beauty for its richness in shade and the ability to cater to your exact need. Smokey obsession actually makes sure you have the right greys and blacks to fulfill making your perfect Goth smoky eye look. Also, if you are looking for something specific in color, Huda offers a wide range of color variations including red (ruby obsessions), green (emerald obsessions), purple (amethyst obsessions) etc. What is the plus point? You would always have matte and shimmer eye shadow to work with in these pallets.


  • Revolution Pro regeneration pallet- unleashed and restoration

Both have shades that will go with the dark aesthetic of a Goth look. While the pallet Unleashed has more dark feminine colors with dark pinks and violet undertones, restoration is more of a mixed bunch. They can also give you really good base shades to work with.


  • NYX Professional Makeup Ultimate shadow Pallet- Smoky and highlight

Really inclusive of darker and lighter shades in one pallet. You can actually see that all the colors are super blending and can be such that the green could be layered with blue and it would still fit like a pro. Try the pallet out!


  • Smashbox full exposure pallet

If you want to go on a little bit higher side of the Huda Beauty smoky obsessions, you can actually go ahead and give this one a try. It actually has a lot of shades inclusive of matte and shimmer. Also, a lot of black undertones to work with. Also, smashbox is curated to give you long lasting product application so it’s a win-win.


  • Clinique All About Shadow Quad


We all know Clinique and their quality products. For our final pick, it is Clinique that makes it to our list. The Smoke and Mirrors pallet is another amazing pallet which will give you four high pigmented shades to work with, especially if you are just starting with the entire Goth makeup culture.

Damn! We sure do need a lot of blacks, don’t we? Let’s just be honest. These pallets can very well be your second thought if you cannot find any Goth brands. 

Vansheeka Chandra Verma
Vansheeka Chandra Verma


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