by Vansheeka Chandra Verma June 17, 2019 2 min read

The fashion style that we are going to talk about here in this article is not an officially recognized Goth subtype. It has its own roots and is more of an offshoot, in easier words, a darker version of the original fashion scene. However, it is an interesting idea that needs to be discussed if it can be. Before we get to the main fashion itself, let us talk about the fashion scene where it developed from, for a better understanding of the Dark Mori itself.

It derives itself from Mori which is a Japanese street style fashion. Mori is basically a forest aesthetic which is where its name is derived from. So, the fashion scene involves a lot of flowy dresses, cardigans and layers. The emphasis is to be placed on natural fabrics such as cotton, linen and wool. They also include hand-made accessories. The most used color is green or brown, but other colors of natural pallet may be used too. The idea is to create an aesthetic that looks casual and effortless so less maintenance hairstyles are common from loose buns to ponytails.


Now, getting to dark Mori, the easiest way to imagine it would be to think of an eerie forest witch. Turn the forest aesthetic a little bit creepier. In fact, it would actually help if you are a real witch. Think of it. There are so many layers, so many enchanted things that you can carry with yourself. Doesn’t it sound great?

Well, let’s start with the clothing. Take out your dark colored cardigans and comfy, oversized sweaters that give you a rustic, earthy feel. Think of long dresses that you would like to wear, ones that would actually give you warmth. Forget about all those Goth dresses that freeze you to death. Layers are trendy now!

Since we are thinking about handmade jewelry, there are some ideas that you can actually play with. We mean, you could be a pro at handmade jewelry but if you are not, you can always make easy things like, a star from twigs and use it as a pendent. Also, witch aesthetic has a lot of moon reference to it so you can actually just make a moon on your forehead with your eyeliner. Get creative! You can also wear flower crowns and we all know that they are so aesthetic and easy to make.


Talking about the makeup, you can go ahead and tone it down since it can be as simple as possible. You can maybe smudge black eye shadow on your eyes or use a dark brown instead. Also, you can go ahead and use shades of green and red if you are looking for dramatic eyes but make sure you keep your lips without any dark pigmentation (try). A subtle red lip balm is all you need. We have already given ideas on the hair. Also, boots would be an ideal pick or if you want it really natural, you can go ahead with flats to maintain the comfort. 

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