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by Vansheeka Chandra Verma February 23, 2021 2 min read

Ain’t nobody got game like those curvy girls. Would you be interested for some Goth fashion tips for plus size girls? Well, we have tried to look at how mainstream fashion dresses up the plus size body along with what the Goth fashion industry has to offer and we have got just the right things for you to wear that will boost your fashion game up the notch.

Picture by @andi.draws.stuff


  • Vertical lines

You know who has the straightest, crispiest vertical lines? Nightmare before Christmas jackets and coats are our best picks for it, to be honest. But point being, vertical line clothing would suit you well. Also, if you consider your height below average, the vertical lines will give the illusion of being taller.

vintage plus size dress

  • Monolith colors

A very easy one. Modern fashion registers minimal pattern and plain single colors as a sign of being rich, boujee or classy (you can pick your words). one color pattern also ensures that it draws attention to your curves.


  • Deep necks with harnesses are a go

We always advice deep necks to be in the wardrobe of all plus size women because it makes the outfit more Goth. Plus, harnesses keep you in the list of A-rated Goth fashion. If you are not comfortable with deep necks, a good Goth cheat sheet is to layer it with some good sheer top. This will make a worthy combination.

This one isn’t new. Big accessories draw the eye but big girls just carry it way better. Throw in that big ass jewelry and show ‘em how its done!

Pencil skirt, especially! Those just look beautiful on you. skater skirts can be worn on days you don’t feel like fabric hugging your curves.

Why am I making so many Christmas references? Anyway, corset belts can really look good. Think about it, vintage-ish clothes are always recommended for plus size women and corset belts are your bigger belt buds that keep your outfits in good place. We really think investing in one of these is worth the money and effort.

Yes, boots may seem like not the way to go, but trust me, they look adorable and you can always wear them on whatever the hell you want. I especially recommend suede high boots. If you are a fan of heels, pencil heels may play well with you.

They honestly should because they are so good. You can always go for fishnets if you want that extra on the side of your Goth outfit. Goth places offer you a lot of options to go for if you want to buy a good pair of them.

Basically, anything you want, to be honest but people who wear crops know that they come in all shapes and sizes. My advice? Do it! Wear them. it looks adorable.

Any of my Gothic ladies want to add something?

Vansheeka Chandra Verma
Vansheeka Chandra Verma


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