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by Vansheeka Chandra Verma February 05, 2021 2 min read

You may believe that we have been blessed or cursed with Tiktok but they are currently running high on making trends. However, this blog is not all about what tiktok trends have been. This is a compilation and I hope this helps you hop on any of these.

  • The Cat Smiling Lip

This is quite a recent one that came up. The idea is to overdraw your upper lips edges to a turned up smile and then sharply fill to kind of give it a kitty cat lip look. (I really don’t know what the makeup trend is actually called so I made up this trend. If you do run across the actual name, please let me know in the comments. It really bothers me that I forgot to save it to show you guys later).


  • The gluing chain on nose

Another weird one but we really liked these. The idea is to take smaller strips of these chains and to glue them on your nose for accentuation. This will give it a natural grungy/Gothic look. I don’t know how I feel about it, but well, here we are.


  • The downturned eyeliner

Ah yes! The downturned eyeliner is just an absolute one that is raging in the community. Popularized by e-girls (of course!), it quickly caught up in the alt community with Goth girls just taking it overboard. Well, guess it has been fun overdrawing my eyeliner and making literal batwings on them.

Image by @zombie__queen921


Ah yes! The satin dress trend is back with its own twist. The satin dress is a versatile piece of clothing that can be used with a turtleneck, corset over or belts. They definitely are styling these with a lot of passion and honestly, the videos are really fun to watch.

Picture by @lilithlaveyofficial

  • Razor cut eyebrows

This has kind of caught up but its still real new. Shaving your eyebrows was never really a peculiar thing in the community but the new trend basically asks you to have those Khal Droggo eyebrows (which honestly, are so hot!). So yeah, you can get away with slicing them off a bit.

Again, the harajuko trend has really caught up with us. The Harajuko trend is from the underground scene of Japan and has made its strides quite firmly in the Goth community in the west. Harajuko has proved versatile and the street style is about being comfortable so layers and comfortable clothing are welcome in the scene.

Picture by @_sadiesake


Especially if you are an e-girl or are heavily into anime, the light dark spectrum has been overturned into the pink dark spectrum which is another surprise. Anime girls, popularly as they are known in the community have been serving ultra-feminine looks and we are so up for it.

These are the trends that we have noticed recently. How many have you come across? Also, are you willing to try any of these? Go to our shop and get your favorite pieces to make your next look.

Vansheeka Chandra Verma
Vansheeka Chandra Verma


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