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by Vansheeka Chandra Verma March 04, 2021 2 min read

Being a Goth man is no piece of cake. Women constantly have way more range of clothing because well, they do. Although they still do have a wide range to pick from, it can be a hard task picking clothes for your own self. Here are a few outfit ideas that we think work real great for men.

  • T-shirt, baggy coat and jeans or pants

This is quite a basic combo. Street styles are flexible, pretty straight and can definitely fit you onto the street. Make sure you have this figured out well when it comes to pants though. Leather pants on the street are a bit no-no. The sun can give you a hard time. The key is to choose comfortable fabric and this does not go for this outfit combination. This also goes for other outfits on this list.

  • Shirt, corset belt and pants

Again, the amped up way of the normal. The corset belt will give you enough flair. You can also substitute it with a corseted shirt or pants. They will add sophistication and nothing else.

  • Trench coat and pants over shirt or T-shirt

This is one of my favorite combinations. Trench coats have the sense of elegance attached to them. They are Gothic and 90s at the same time. this is one combination that cannot look bad on anyone.

  • Frilled shirts and pants

Frilled sleeves specifically are quite common and look good. We always associate them with high class and the boujee life but they can also give you a very rugged look if you wish to do that.

Picture by @dandymcbull

  • A biker jacket, a T-Shirt and pants

How could we have missed this? this is nothing but class and looks great on all regardless of gender. We love us some Goth dark men in this outfit because well, who doesn’t? bad boy vibe check!

Picture by @alkmst_23 

  • Jacket tied over waist look

Lowkey but so good. We are aware this can be mistaken totally as an emo look so tread that space carefully. Also, it would help if you wear a lot of spiked jeans or shoes.

  • Flowy shrug with a flowy shirt, pants

This is great for people who have gained some and are struggling with the idea. Flowy shirt over a loose shrug will give you a wizard like appearance and basically establish you as the local wizard in town. Who would not want to wield that sort of power?

  • T-shirt, pants and a skirt

Fuck gender stereotypes and put on that skirt. The whole combination is a god send and it will make you look damn trendy. Of course, it would also require a lot of courage but freaking worth it!

These are some of the outfit combos I think are street worthy. Go ahead and tag us on Instagram. Seriously! We need more men embracing Goth because we can’t get enough of Goth men wearing street fashion. Also, if you are a stylist, keep growing. Till then, adios!

Vansheeka Chandra Verma
Vansheeka Chandra Verma


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