by Vansheeka Chandra Verma May 07, 2018 2 min read

You’re at this party. It’s New Year and you are just sitting on the couch judging people and questioning why you are there because everyone is drunk and calling their ex or vomiting or making out. And you are just there like…. No! Should have stayed home with my squad.

Then she catches your eye. The same outfit. In fact, on a closer observation, there are more like her in the crowd. Same color combinations and they look so gullible. You want to ask them to come sit with you and talk about amping up that look because honey, the black dress and red stilettoes are so overdone that your Goth soul just dies a little bit every time you see it.

I mean, there are several ways you can style yourself even with the same black gothic dress but since this is a Goth page, I’m assuming you are looking for some quality advice to turn it into the Goth gorgeousness. Let’s dig into it right away.

Let me tell you all about the star of this look- the fishnet stocking. Here’s the good thing about these right now. They are in trend and will not let you down. Wear ‘em babies and you have every eye turn onto those sexy legs of yours. There is something about them. They just turn up the heat to the notch.

And since we are talking about trends, the choker dress is so in right now. A bane for the Goths, according to me. The fishnets and the choker dress just make a deadly combination.

What do I hear? How to make it even better?

Piece of cake. Add your best pair of stilletoes! They work wonders on a party night.

But what about the makeup? Black lipstick is too much for the party night. Although I will disagree with you, I can help you here.

Play up the eyes.

Here, for the look, I have actually tried the heavy Smokey eye with a matte black and a wine red shade. Gives you a smoldering vampiric charm. And you can escape the black lipstick altogether by just going for a natural nude shade. The one that I’m wearing is (name of the lipstick).

There you go. Turn that party outfit into goth without being the weirdo.

And if you need more fashion advice, look for the Goth chic at a loud party sipping a mocktail in the corner. You’re more than welcome in my company if you aren’t intimidated. ;-)

Enjoy the party, have fun!

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