How To Be a Goth Boss?

Before we start to tell you how, we want to tell you why. Why being a boss who drapes herself/himself in the dark shades is the coolest? Why that will do nothing but make people take you seriously? Because being Gothic in office is more than embracing yourself. It’s all about telling people that you are not ready to tolerate their bullshit. You get work done on your terms and nobody stops you from doing it. And we are not talking about the ‘oh I’m scary and you gotta listen to me personality’. In fact, no one needs to Goth up for that.

            What we are pointing out here is more psychological than anything. The reason being, black is the color of authority. There is a reason why black is anyway chosen for the corporate world. Over that, a gothic outfit can work wonders. Let us show you how to do it.

            When it comes to professional office wear, we all think of two things- a skirt or formal pants in three piece attire. Nothing is sexier than a man or a woman who knows his/her business. We all know that they have a commanding air with themselves. And if you are gothic, this is your perfect sexy outlet.

            Do you like wearing that long sleek pencil skirt? Go ahead! Just remember to pair it with perfect top so that it gives just the right amount of authority, goth vibes and professionalism. Show them that you are the lady that knows her way in the business and the outfit. Also, pairing it with your best pair of fishnets can help a great deal. Do not forget your pumps. They are just the gorgeousness you need in your outfit the next time you are going to the office.

            Since the outfit has the touch of chic in it, you can always go for a make-up that defines your gothic nature. You sure can go about it by either dramatic lip color or bold eyes, or both. Carly Rae Jepsen might care a little bit, but I know, you ‘really don’t care!’

            If you ever think that wearing skirt to an office is too girly and uncomfortable, we understand. If you are in a job that needs you to be on a constant run, it’s rather hard to keep struggling within those A-line skirts. Our solution? Opt for professional pants. They are reliable, comfortable and will never leave you feeling that you aren’t the one wearing pants in the office.

            Our advice would be to pair it with black shirt or jackets to complete the outfit. You can very well go to wear sneakers, boots or platforms on it to give you the comfort you need. In fact, the makeup does not need to be complicated for office wear. Our only advice would be to ditch the red lipstick for the black if you want to try something new. Are you ready to create a new reputation in your office? Start dressing!