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How has gothic fashion evolved over the years? (2000s)

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It’s the 2000s and we start with the Gothic fashion that came along to show that Gothic fashion has also resounded in the ears of other cultures. We got a newly inspired theme of GothicLolita into the mainstream. Believed to have been originated in the Japanese culture, it had more for the Gothic dress than just fashion. It was rebellion at the best metaphorical level. The Japanese women had taken the form of creepy dolls that had something that the gothic culture was based on- the shock factor. They were the epitome of ‘hauntingly beautiful’.

The Gothic dress that was trending could be categorized as cute, but it had a sinister feel to it. GothicLolitas were usually adorned with deep colored clothing and had accessories such as flower crowns, rings and headbands that accentuated the gothic dress. The makeup was kept light, as is prevalent in the Japanese society. In Japan, big eyes are usually considered a sign of aesthetic beauty. Thus, they usually refrained from using dark lipsticks. The pale skin, giving corpse like vibes was more into fashion.

GothicLolita is one of the most beautiful example’s of subversion of the societal rule. The Japanese are known as a conformist society and thus, to rebel in it, is a tricky business. GothicLolita, known as GothLoli contemporarily, became one of the most known movements in the history of Goth dress. The Gothic dress accepted the Japanese culture with open arms and here’s the product, we have an entire culture that is represented of the culture itself.

GothicLolita is a not the only thing that has been accepted in the Gothic culture. We also accepted the science fiction into the culture. The fashion came under the name of SteamPunk. Steampunk is a subgenre of science fiction or science fantasy that incorporates technology and aesthetic designs inspired by 19th-century industrial steam-powered machinery. Why something related to science was accepted into the community is still an enigma. Maybe because the movement was making shocking discoveries that were too much for the people to take. We are taking a wild guess here, though.

The fashion included adorning yourself with machineries as accessories. To the Gothic community, this was a delight as it opened new avenues and styles to experiment. The dress pattern became more complicated and edgy. The best part about being a SteamPunk is that you can inspire yourself with any other Gothic fashion and still retain the SteamPunk vibe. Like the Victorian style more? Or are you more into the contemporary Goth? SteamPunk would always be there to keep your company.

One of the most playful genres, the makeup is loud and bold. You can be ladylike or rebel, according to your wishes. Compared to others, SteamPunk does not restrict you to follow a certain trend in cloth or fashion. You can let your imagination run wild here. Just don’t forget to appreciate the beautiful chaotic pieces of art that is machinery. A true SteamPunk never forgets that.

The next thread would be up soon. Till then we Goth you!

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