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Out of the entire internet searching, one common theme that always tends to show up is that Goth is seen as either downright scary or sexy. It might have to do with the fact that the general trend of people like to wear black. In the new scenario that has developed, black has come up to be one of the most adored colors of the people. black has been usually associated with wickedness and darkness.

Here’s the thing, though. Black isn’t the only color that Goths use. In fact, we have an array of colors that we use including bright neon colors (Pastel Goth, steampunk). So, when we say that Goth is considered sexy, it includes all of the above. The target of this article is to explore why.

Goth has been always about the trend of not fitting in. see a pattern here? Rebellion is sexy. It was never about painting your lips black or wearing baggy, leather jackets (although we’ll all agree that it makes us look cool). It was all about the mentality that stood up against authority. Young and reckless! So when Taylor Swift (you are officially allowed to roll your eyes here!) sang “He’s so bad but he does it so good”, you should have understood the bad guys were the people others always had a thing for. It satisfies our primal need for adventure.

That brings us to the other bit of the situation. Part of the attraction builds from the stereotype associated with the genre. Goths have been subjected to a lot of criticism for showing off skin and as we say this, we would like to point out that it is usually a personal choice. However, it is usually assumed that Goths are sex-crazed maniacs who have their own Satanic sex rituals (another stereotype that just assumes that all Goths are Satan worshippers). That is one of the reasons, most people have the fantasy to ‘try things’ with a Goth. It is true that the fashion scene of the Goth sub culture incorporates pieces such as chokers, latex and chains but that does not mean that all of Goths are into BDSM or have fetishes. There is one sub-genre of Goths that has been frequently associated with the BDSM group is the ‘Fetish Goth’.

These two tendencies and stereotypes make up for the major reason why Goths are considered to be ‘sexy’. However, there are other people who also find Goths sexy for the positive in the genre. For example, most people consider Goths to be dominant (in the sense of standing up for yourself, being unapologetically who they are). That is all the right reason to find a Goth sexy. Our entire point here is to find us sexy for the right reason. Find us hot because we are out challenging patriarchy and not because we show ‘too much skin’, find us hot because we make you question the universe. Also, you can find us hot if we wear all black (that would be really appreciated) *wink*.

Love from the dark side.

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