by Vansheeka Chandra Verma May 28, 2018 2 min read

Go ahead! Take the BuzzFeed quiz that says ‘Pick out your favorite things and we will give you what your next hair color should be’. You can proceed to take their advice as well. Why are we suggesting you that? To be honest, we aren’t. BuzzFeed isn’t our cup of coffee (we shall like it as black as our souls) because the Gothic subculture has its own trends to make. So here we are, with our top picks of the season to paint your wisps in.

  • Grey

This has been by far the hottest color on the list. It does not matter what kind of Goth you are. Victorian Goth? Add grey for elegance. Pastel Goth? Ain’t nobody got the time to mess with a grey haired cutie. The best way to apply the grey would be to go all the way from roots to tips or just go for the ombre effect.

  • Blue (any shade)

Blue has a touch of royalty to it making it a very unique entry on the list. Of course, the darker we go, the better it looks to us but the color is so universal that it fits anywhere. Bonus points? You can actually pick it with your skin shade to create more contrasting effects. Based on general view, dusky to white skin should go for darker shades of blue whereas the darker skin tones can have a gloss, lighter blue. Experimentation always works!

  • Bottle green

Why bottle green? Well, guess what? Kylie Jenner might have had bottle green hair and gone for peppy clothes but not going for Goth looks on that hair was a mistake (we’ll all agree to this). Bottle green hair looks amazing if your entire hair has the hue or, if you have simple, short highlights of the green goodness. This is rather a new pick in the section but hot. The best part is that it suits every skin color. You don’t have to think twice if it goes with pale, wheatish, white, dusky or dark skin.

  • Scarlet

One of the most popular colors is still in the trend. It is a diverse color that gives you plethora options to experiment in the Goth subculture. Are you into the new trends or just straight up Punk? Are you more into the chaotic Trad Goth life or just elegant Victorian Goth? Do you like the Strega fashion culture? Well you are in luck if you have scarlet hair. Also do not worry about the skin color as well. Scarlet is the safest bet that you can go for, especially if you are just entering the Goth subculture and looking for some hair coloring inspiration.

  • Ash red

Another shade of red? Well, it is the color of the devil. What do you expect? A new emerging color trend that has taken over the market, if you have a knack to experiment with it go ahead and explore this amazing option right now!

There you go! Our top ones. Pick the one that your soul vibrates with!

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