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by Vansheeka Chandra Verma June 04, 2018 2 min read

Makeup forms an essential part of the Goth culture. Eye makeup, for one, has been an essential part of this. Going for really dark eye shadows and liners, here are some of the eye makeup tricks to bring out your eyes in the equation depending on the kind of eye shape you have.

  • Round eyes

Considered to be good for experimentation by the makeup artists, round eyes are good if you are aiming for a dramatic look. Gothic ladies with round eyes can experiment with their own versions of it. Our personal pick would be to go extra bold with maybe a full black upper and lower lid.

  • Monolid eyes

Monolid eyes look good with huge winged liners. They really enhance the sharpness of the eye shape and looks good when you want dramatic, yet lively at the same time.

  • Almond shaped eyes

Usually similar to round eyes and considered to be the ideal eye shape to have. Experimentation looks good but the best would be a heavy lining on the lids. This would really bring out the eye shape and leave the lids a space to play with.

  • Hooded eyes

Goths with hooded eye shapes should consider paying attention to the lower lid. Unique makeup looks that include heavily lining the lower lid of streaking down black eyeliner looks would look really good.

  • Close set eyes

If you ask the beauty gurus, they would advise the people with close set eyes to always go for inner highlighting because that would give an illusion of having a wider distance between them. It’s not all wrong. Go for the highlighter trick. Start your eyeliner from the middle of the lid. Also, go for the black smoky eye. You’re meant to slay that look!

  • Wide set eyes

Wide set eyes are the best if you go for the ‘line the entire eye’ look. It just makes you look powerful. You can also easily go for the feline, Arabic look incorporating it into your routine just to give it an amp. You will not regret it.

  • Deep set eyes

Deep set eyes face the difficulty with the color black that if you go all over the lid with it, it looks like you have been punched in the eye. Not really huge fans of that look until you are deliberately trying to achieve it. Instead, go ahead and over line those windows to your (dark) soul. Over lining will create an illusion of bigger eyes giving you the much needed focus.

  • Up turned or down turned eyes

Down turned eyes need you to play up your upper lids to create the balance. Up turned eyes would be enhanced when you put the focus on the lower lids. It’s all about creating a balance.

Always remember that these are just advices. We Goths are known for rebelling against the conventional and these are the conventional. So don’t worry if you have deep set eyes and want to go for a smoky eye. It doesn’t matter. Take up your brushes and line ‘em babies!


Vansheeka Chandra Verma
Vansheeka Chandra Verma

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