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by Vansheeka Chandra Verma February 27, 2019 2 min read

We keep looking at these perfect people who can totally be your fashion icons if you are looking for some style inspiration. It’s sad that when you Google male fashion icons, you get to see minimum to no representation of Goth men in the list. So here it is, a list of Goth men you can definitely take inspiration from:

  1. Pearl Thompson

Member of the Goth band The cure, Pearl Thompson defines fashion. There was a huge controversy and debate on his sexuality as he usually dresses up as a gender fluid individual. His outfits and makeup touch the trad goth more in terms of era but his eyeliner game is the one he stands out for the most part.

     2. Steven Severin

He has been one of the keyboard player ‘Siouxsie and the Banshees’. However, he always had that flair of extra under his exterior of that Vampiric calmness. He may rock long hair with minimal makeup now, but the guy was really experimental in his youth days. 

     3. Andrew eldritch

Andrew Eldritch is a multitalented member of the Gothic band Sisters of Mercy and is the guy badass! From his fashion statement to his sharp jawline, he just defines the ‘bad boy’ stereotype up to a notch for Hollywood. He is still rocking it.


4. Ben Christo

Another talented individual who played in several bands in his lifetime. He has more of a simple statement going onto him with the black kohl and trending hairstyles. 


     5. Peter murphy

What we find amazing about this man as a fashion icon is that he defies the ideal of ‘strong, muscular’ man or ‘beer belly’ type. He defines his style statement according to his own liking. Look at him and tell us he doesn’t somewhere resonate with the Norman Bates from Psycho.


6. Henry Badowski

Member of the music band The Damned, this guy is the master of what the mainstream culture would call the ‘feminine’ poses and still has a way of making them look sexy.

     7. Nigel preston

The british drummer has a versatile sense of style. From being connected to his British fashion roots to being all alternative, he switches in a wink. His looks are suited for all that he pulls off.


     8. Jamie stewart

Jamie Stewart is not just #hairgoals, but he isn’t even afraid to carry bold patterns and fuse his style with a little bit of everything. Also, did we mention his hair is to die for? Do check out the lad if you are thinking of being dramatic all the way up.


      9. Daniel ash

Bauhaus has to offer its lead guitarist as another Goth fashion icon. Daniel is big on the eyeliner game and most cannot even predict which way he’ll go with the dark substance. Will it be on his eyes? On his face? We do not know but man! Does he have a knack to show it off!


There you have it. Our top picks of the men that we think might inspire you. Feel free to let us know about your Goth inspiration.

Vansheeka Chandra Verma
Vansheeka Chandra Verma


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