by Vansheeka Chandra Verma March 04, 2019 2 min read

You might have heard of it, you might have not but elegant Goth has arrived at the scene claiming its position in the Goth culture. That is, Elegant Goth is the new Goth fashion in the scene. What is it, you ask? Well, elegant Goth combines the contemporary styles with the elements of romantic Goth. For example, corset dresses are a new development in this area. They even combine elements of Batcave or Traditional Goth sometimes. The idea is to present the old in a new way. Want to build an elegant Goth look for yourself? We are here to help.


Corset dresses are a beautiful combination of romantic and contemporary Goth. They remove you from the hassle of putting on a heavy dress with frills, petticoat and so many layers with giving you that edge that you really want. They can be worn along with beautiful boots or heels and can be combined with Gothic jewelry or even normal ones and it would look pretty.

Another thing that elegant fashion clearly masks is the bell sleeves and the best part is, they are even worn by the mainstream society. If you are a person who tones down Goth because you do not like to be stared at (a lot of people with social anxiety have this problem) or simply want to avoid a nosy relative at a function who would talk to you without minding their own business. Slip on these with some high waist pants and nobody would bat an eyelid at you.

The leather jackets were never out of style to be honest but they define the elegant Goth system. Pair them over a black dress or pair them over the classic leather jeans and heels, they will look good and make you look good in it too. Don’t forget those iron studs or even better, the spikes that adorn the jacket and you have got yourself the perfect combination to go out in. The beauty of the leather jacket is that you can keep on wearing it and matching it over a long list of things. In fact, you can pull it over any normal day on any normal clothing. How good is that?


The lace has also returned in the elegant Goth and we can also see the hyperfeminine being represented in the mesh and harness lingerie and brallets that have come in new. A normal girl might wear it in her bedroom for valentine’s but you can always exude your femininity in it by wearing it under the leather jacket or even skirt (do not forget your fishnets if the skirt happens to be above your knees). The other way you have the lace is that it comes as a part of the dresses these days and we are guessing that even the ‘normal’ girls are extending their wardrobe with it. You’ll do it too. Just that you will have all of them in black or white (depending on weather you are a white Goth or not).


These are very basic ones that we can guide you to in case you want to try out the style. Let us know your version of the elegant Goth style. 

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