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by Vansheeka Chandra Verma February 16, 2019 2 min read

Gothic candles

We have seen a lot of women in the culture use skull candles because those are the easiest Gothic screaming candles. We agree to it completely. Nothing screams more Goth than candles that are skull shaped but well, nobody would deny that they are too main stream now. Anything that becomes common, becomes boring and well, we thrive on the factor of shock. Don’t we?

Here are a few ideas of candles (you might make them or just purchase them) that will totally amp up your Goth aesthetic the next time you’re taking a picture.


  1. Normal white candles

Let’s just be honest. Normal white candles just have that something about them. We don’t know if it’s their rawness or the dripping wax that makes it so appealing, but we do know that it will make your house look better. Amp them up even more? Draw a pentacle on the candle with a carving knife. Spooky and totally witchy.



        2. Black taper candles

They are yet another great way to inculcate in the photograph irrespective of the fact if you have a white background or a black background to work with.


       3. Flower candles

If your Goth aesthetic is a little more refined and asks for a bit more ‘girly’ tinge to it, the flowers candles are one of the best choices you have with you. In fact, it’s amazing for pastel Goth as well.


        4. Heart candles

Did not expect to see a valentine favorite here. Did you? Well, us neither but we did think of it and thought that Goth as a culture has its own thoughts on love. Some might treat it as a healthy outlet for their love (Kat Von D and Rafael Reyes, Mr and Mrs Addams) or see it as a melancholic dilemma (Edgar Allan Poe) or see it as eternal bliss out of the hell this world is. So, you can get creative here. If you do take a melancholic theme, you can always cut the candles and melt it to give it meaning or pierce it with nails or you can simply fancy it up with pearls or black diamonds if your narrative is to have a positive tone in it.


        5. Psychedelic themed candles

The alien mood is huge in the Goth subculture. So yes, anything that has that touch can be also used. In fact, you can amp up your simple black or white (any color for that matter) candle by dripping three to four different colors of crayons or candles on it.

        6. Put your candles in a fancy candle stand (or a diy lamp)

Easiest one on the list. Just get your hands on a candle stand and you are done. You can also diy lamps and they look pretty and the best part is, you can put a bend on it of your own liking.


Hopefully, the next time we see a post that has candles, we see one of these being used. Honestly, that would be the greatest fruit of this blog.

Send us pictures and tag us. 

Vansheeka Chandra Verma
Vansheeka Chandra Verma


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