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by Vansheeka Chandra Verma June 08, 2018 2 min read

The internet is flooded with Goths complaining about how misunderstood they are. Well, we guess that’s because the world fears us and we are awesome. But have you noticed? There are a lot of things that are even misunderstood in fashion? Here are some common misconceptions about Goth fashion:

  • We all wear black from head to toe 

Yes, black appeals to us and it is one of the dominant colors that is used in the genre. But it isn’t entirely true. We love mixing and matching colors and creating new trends. We have incorporated the brightest of the colors in our fashion too.

  • We all love pale skin

That is what the traditional Goths are into or even GothLolitas (since Japan is a country obsessed with white skin). We all have learned and accepted the fact that to be Gothic, you don’t need to be white or pale. No! Ethnic Goths are proud of their skin color and would love to be embraced that way.

  • Shaven heads are a trademark of Goths

Again, it is your own personal choice. A lot of non-goths have shaved heads. Accept people the way they are.

  • We are obsessed with wearing Spandax and other BDSM related clothings

We might incorporate it in our fashion sense or not at all. These materials are usually worn by fetish Goths and even then it isn’t an obligation.

  • We only wear uncomfortable heels

Honestly, it just depends on the dress or the type of Goth you are. Some of us just don’t find it comfortable in heels so we go for boots and even flats. We make fashion that defines our personality, and not defies it.

  • Anything with a spooky print is Goth

Nope, our favorite patterns range from polka dots to skulls to crosses to anything. Saying it again, we do not restrict our fashion sense.

  • Being Goth is high maintenance

Are you high maintenance? Are you just easy going?

This isn’t the real question here. The real question is, are you Goth? Because if you are one and willing to dress up as one, you will find ways.

There are people who do nothing but throw a simple black lipstick to their look. It gives them enough to scream to the world that they have a Goth spirit.

  • Goth clothing is expensive

It could be, depending on where your priorities lie. Some Goths have come up with how to maintain a cheap Goth wardrobe. Some Goths go for DIY. Point is, we all have wardrobes that have expensive and cheap clothes. You can go ahead with cheaper versions if you like. There is always a way.

  • We are all about laces

Lace is something that everyone is all about. Have you seen Victoria Secret? So don’t stereotype us over it. We just have been using it a little longer than the rest of you.

These were some of the common misconceptions we think the Goth fashion industry suffers from. Have we missed something? Let us know.

Vansheeka Chandra Verma
Vansheeka Chandra Verma

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