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by Vansheeka Chandra Verma June 11, 2018 2 min read


The world has always been kind of been in dispute to the Goth fashion. Naturally speaking, this is what the Goths actually wanted. We did everything different. We were bold and we were hell bent on making us notice. So we took our stand. We made bizarre outfits, we carried with us the essence of rawness. What about hair colors? Were we still overlapping with the mainstream or looking at something else altogether? Let’s find out.

  • 1970s

Ah! The time of confusion and when it all started.

Hair colors had already existed in the fashion world for a long time. However, the 70s had seen the trend of “frosting” in the mainstream fashion.

The Goth culture was at its precursor stage at that time. If you remember, the precursor of Goth is punk. So while the rest of the world was out there deciding which color would shade and blend nicely with their natural hair color, the Goth spirit was dyeing its hair in the color of the galaxies. We weren’t termed Goth, but we were coming there.

  • 1980s

And here we are. The era of Madonna. She’s iconic. Isn’t she? She popularized grown out roots. The punk rock scene has already filtered into the mainstream society. Everyone wanted to dye their hair in purple, blue and pink. The world of fashion was in its experimenting mood.

What were we doing? Take a deep breath. The Goths were just getting started. We came in with Batcave and Deathrock. They were also known as the TradGoths later (short form of Traditional Goth)

  • 1990s

Highlights got the better of fashion in the 90s. The colors were soft and sultry going for a chic look to impart elegance. Blends were also seen among a lot of them.

Were the Goths impressed? I guess not. In fact, the Goths weren’t even paying attention. It was a romantic revolution in the culture. You guessed it right! We were in the phase of Victorian Goth with our heavy veils and vampiric outfits. Hairstyles kind of took a back seat here as we were wearing a lot of hats, veils and hair accessories.

Also, when that passed, the industrial revolution had started and the Goths had found a way to include that in the genre as well. We enjoyed huge popping colors along with neon lights adorning our curls.

  • 2000s

Finally, we entered the 2000s where ombre hair was the trend in mainstream fashion.

The most unique twist came here today. We went full Japanese fashion mode. GothicLolita entered the Goth fashion scene.

  • 2010

Ah! So here we are! With Instagram trending with a lot many models trending with amazing hair and us Goths still figuring out how to keep our own identities alive. Nu-Goth has emerged; quite controversial.

So yes! We are still getting there, stumbling upon what defines this decade. It’s not too late to start a new hair trend, loves! Go ahead, pick up your hair and paint your Goth story on it.

Vansheeka Chandra Verma
Vansheeka Chandra Verma

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