by Vansheeka Chandra Verma September 20, 2019 2 min read

We’ll tell you how to make those gorgeous black smoothies

We’ve all come across those beautiful Instaworthy smoothies that look so freaking adorable. You look at them and you are like.. meh! I wish I could make one of those and hold them prettily in my hand. So, we did some research, browsing through recipes to find how people make these beautiful black as our souls worthy black smoothies or anything for that matter. I mean, of course, you can always use black food color as used by the bakers and that will just instantly give it the much needed black boost, but we did also stumble across certain things that will turn your smoothies, or anywhere you decide to add it, dark.



  • Black berry


Of course, and the best thing about black berry is that they can be added to any smoothie. In fact, they are blend able, can be freaking added to mixes and can be consumed raw or as you wish. The best part is that they can be added to yogurt or milk, or ice cream and they even go well with other foods. Now, you cannot be a huge fan of berries and that is completely fine. Move on to our next suggestion for another alternative.

  • Activated charcoal

Ohk. Before we go ahead with this product, please understand that activated charcoal is something that is used by a lot of people as an effective detox agent. Again, we would like to warn you that it can be harmful if you take it in a large dose. So please check the amount that you can consume before you put it in any food of yours.


If used carefully, activated charcoal can work as an efficient agent to come back to health. However, there are dosage limitations and if you are not sure, please check with a professional.


  • Black cacao powder

This is in fact, one option that will give your smoothie are chocolaty taste if you intend to get that flavor. Black cacao powder, however, is not that easy to avail so do your research before you decide to get it into your smoothie bowl. It ain’t your average bowl of smoothie if you have to have black cacao powder. Make sure you purchase it from an authentic seller.


  • Black sesame seeds


They are extensively used in South Asian cuisine and for good reason. They are healthy, are rich in fiber, protein and many other nutrients. The best thing is that they carry with themselves a very distinct, roasted nut taste. You can throw two big spoonfuls in a smoothie and give it a black texture. Although it won’t give that strong a black color, but it’ll work pretty well as a healthy smoothie drink and we can guarantee a grey shade of the smoothie depending upon the amount you use.

These are some of the things we think can be used in making a black smoothie and if you have any other suggestion, let us know in the comments.


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