by Vansheeka Chandra Verma November 10, 2019 2 min read


Let's face it! we are all guilty of it. We talk about how we aren’t incorporated in the mainstream fashion spaces because we are hard to get but we don’t look at how we keep on appropriating other cultures within the larger stream as well. This article is not to throw hate at people but to subtly look at the way we explore other ideas. We are a community that is inclusive and not, disrespectful. A lot of traditions need to be respected before they are to be represented and half-truths are way more dangerous than anything. Saying that, it is not to homogenize that all of us do that and sometimes the intent is not to disrespect too, but it is better to understand the signification from where it emerges from so that we can understand the power it holds.

  • Tribal African face painting

A lot inspiration is drawn from them to model modern face paintings to the point that they lose their symbolic value and become just an aesthetic factor. This, in terms of postcolonial studies is what we call ‘exoticization’ which means that we reduce a culture to certain symbols and mythicize it homogenizing a certain set of people. The tribal tradition is authentic to tribes who consider it as a part of cultural symbolism. Before you dive to create an Instagram picture with it, please read on it.


  • Hairstyles and hair accessories


A lot of hairstyles and hair accessories are also used on a daily basis without an understanding of them. However, this is more of a dicey subject to explore because a lot of people are of the mixed opinion that hairstyles cannot be cultural appropriating tools. However, if you are going ahead with it, it is better to look it up because even hair is looked at as a cultural symbol.


  • Witch community

A lot of love drawing the pentacle and using ‘witch’ as a classic trope of printing T-shirts without realizing that there are spiritual inclinations to it too. Don’t get us wrong. Reclaiming your power as a witch is a beautiful thing but to perpetuate the stereotype that they are evil is another whole concept. Witchcraft is a path and if your ideas perpetuate a homogenizing idea of the community, you need to check yourself.


  • Satanic community


Satan is a great symbol of chaos because well again, most people need to understand the idea of Satanism to be honest. Satan is quite a chill dude (We are aware of the terminology we are using!) and is probably because of why (and of course the intolerant religious people) he is a controversial figure. There are quite many aspects to him than just fashion and could be of interest if you just check the site of church of Satan.

The idea of this post is not to demean anyone but to understand that there are things we tend to overlook in the larger narrative of things. There are other things that exist in the smaller narratives and need to be seen as they are.

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