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by Vansheeka Chandra Verma March 25, 2021 2 min read

There are two types of Goth people:

  1. Meh! I already own two black sweaters. Why would I need another one?
  2. I own two sweaters but this one is so pretty! I’m buying it!

So this blog is for both of the people. Some basics on if you should renovate your wardrobe or not.

GOTH socks

These are major for us. Stockings should range from comfortable to ‘I can rock this at a party’. Also they are usually one time investments until and unless you’re not a crazy stocking lady. Anyway, if most of your stockings are ripped (not on purpose!) or falling apart, it might be a sign that you need new ones in your wardrobe.

We all love them but do they always stay in good conditions? No! So keep checking on your footwear. If you have boots that you don’t wear or ones that are in the behind of the closet, you might just want to swap it for something else. Also, if you only have boots that is not a great sign either. Get yourself some comfy wear as well.

  • All black makes Jack a dull boy

There is nothing wrong in having multitudes of black clothes, but if your wardrobe looks like a black hole, you might just have to consider adding a bit of color to it as well.

  • Two extremes ain’t good

If your wardrobe is too uncomfortable (all lace, spikes and glasses) or too comfortable (grandma shawls and long loose Tees), both ways it demands some attention. Try to keep some clothes that fit in those categories, but feel free to have a more versatile wardrobe.

  • Makeup is not to be on the back burner

Makeup is a very broad aspect and it can help enhance your effect. So why not buy from reliable sources and keep them always? The basics can be lipstick, brow powder and soot or black eye shadow.

  • Shop smart

Try incorporating both flea market stuff and mall brands in your wardrobe. I know it sounds a bit unpractical if you run a blog or vlog, but in the long run it helps to reach a wider audience and you actually get to explore more.

Some people don’t consider them important but boy! They enhance the whole look of the outfit. They are just beautiful. Try them on. You won’t regret it.

We all have that one dress that we badly want to wear and every year promise we will and keep it back. Do yourself a favor. Wear it. step out of that comfort zone and wear it. You’ll be thankful.

  • Borrowed Ethnicities

Try having things in your wardrobe inspired by other cultures if you can. It just adds taste to the whole style.

It looks cliché but all need some clothes from both the wardrobe to create a balanced look. That trench coat is needed but so is that spaghetti top (or whatever counts for your wardrobe!)

Vansheeka Chandra Verma
Vansheeka Chandra Verma


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