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by Vansheeka Chandra Verma June 25, 2020 3 min read

10 Facebook pages you need to follow if you are a Goth

Well, nothing was spookier than knowing that Mark Zuckerberg was selling our data to Cambridge Analytica but these Goth pages come pretty close too. If you are a Goth, looking for some good Facebook pages, then you seriously need to check out these ones.

P.S. All the posted pictures are taken from the pages itself

  • Gothic memes

Let’s start on a lighter note. Gothic memes is a page dedicated to what the name suggests. Memes that are made for the Goth baddies. You should really check them out.

All things Gothic is dedicated to bringing a compilation of what is popularly trending in the Goth world. From spooky art to home décor to fashion, nothing is out of their range. If you want to get an overall idea of what’s trending in the community.

  • Wave Gotik Treffen

Good thing is that the page posts both in Goth and in English. They keep you updated about the events that would be held the year-round so that you can book your tickets beforehand. They would also keep you other phenomenon going around the world.

  • Pastel Goth +

Pretty obvious from the name, this is your holy grail if you are constantly looking for Pastel Goth inspiration. The page will help you find different content creators and their fashion inspirations. 

  • Goth World

Goth world is a dedicated community that finds alternative models all around the world. Their goal is to appreciate the Goths around the world and keep them updated about these divas.

  • Gothic & Enchanted

Gothic and Enchanted is quite a lovable page in community as the group admin is exclusively quite supportive to struggling artists or small business owners that want to increase their reach. Quite open and responsive, the page is quite good if you are looking to increase your reach and do some promotions.

  • Something Special Goth & Dark

With a much more of an old school vibe, the page runs to discover the classics of the Goth culture that seem to have made what the Goth community now what it is. From Victorian Goth to Halloween inspiration, the page is bold and (as it claims) dark.

  • Box of Goth

This again, is quite a unique business page on Goth. We are all aware of curated box of goodies that are so popular in the present influencer and social media culture. Well, Box of Goth is exactly that, but in Goth. Monthly subscription and they will send you goodies or to your loved ones. You can even curate your own boxes.

  • Gothic Culture

Probably one of the most popular pages on Facebook which has the potential to attract even non-Goths. This page has events, fundraising, and volunteer and is involved with quite a lot of activities. It would do good to check it out.

Again quite possibly a real dedicated page to Goth culture and women centric. Queen of darkness strives to broaden the boundaries of Goths and presents to you everything that you require to be the queen of Goth that you aspire to be.

These are some of the pages we find absolutely essential in the Goth community. Which ones do you like?

Vansheeka Chandra Verma
Vansheeka Chandra Verma


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