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by Transcending Trends May 19, 2021 2 min read

The best thing about Goth fashion is that there are so many varieties in the subculture itself that it becomes really fun to experiment. These categories mentioned below are not big umbrella categories such as those of Death rockers or Pastel Goth. These are the lesser known ones which we feel you should look into.

  • Vampire Goths

This is under the sub category of the romantic era. Someone obsessed with vampires can make their whole aesthetic around there. A known but lesser understood Gothic fashion style includes the color pallet ranging from red to black and occasionally greens and blues. The aesthetics would be anything that count Dracula would approve of including fangs, high collars, sleek hairstyle, fake blood, Victorian styles and red eyes. You can definitely get your own version if you like so.

  • Hippie Goth

Not to be confused with Boho Goth, Hippie Goth is driven by the very idea of travel and other cases such as being a nomad. The hippies were seen as a symbol of rebellion because their ideas were derived from different cultures as they moved from one place to another. They have often seen as a threat to the governments (So in so that Nazi Germany had been known to kill quite a huge number of them because they could challenge their conventions). Thus, rich with culture, Hippie Goth incorporates these ideas to create a whole new arena.

  • Tribal Goths

Again, since multicultural tribes exist, it is important to understand which one you want to cater to. Understand and read the tribal affinities before you display anything. The aesthetics are quite diverse too as in Hippie Goths except for the fact that the tribal guidelines are quite set. Look into those. Remember that cultural appropriation is never a good look on you.

  • Gothabilly

t is often known as an offshoot to psychobilly. It is also sometimes known as hellabily. The common fashion elements are quite specific. The elements include fringe bangs, long tresses that have rather pronounced curls. Pencil skirt or dress that has a lot of colors besides black, heels, garters, fishnets. Androgynous fashion involves ripped jeans, leather jackets, tattoos, and black denim.

  • Mall Goth

This is not quite a type of new Goth. The style has combined the hallmarks of punk, Goth, and metal subcultures. The talk is that it died with the culture of the teens hanging out at Hot Topic which declined after the 90s. However, the style has been actively making a comeback. With Lil Uzi making an appearance in a pair of Tripp NYC Bondage pants bedecked with multiple rattling wallet chains to Aaron Philip making her Instagram centered on the subculture, Goth Malls are making a resurgence and can be looked at into it.

  • Soft Goth

It is almost a development of the soft grunge subculture which does not require you to have an elaborate style but quite a subtle Gothic touch to your day-to-day life. Most of us are soft Goths without knowing it. The lazy days when we just need a bit of eyeliner but need to still have the air of mystery of Goth.


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Transcending Trends
Transcending Trends

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