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by Vansheeka Chandra Verma March 17, 2019 3 min read

Cat person? Well, you are reading this, might as well assume that you are one. If you are not, no harm. Hopefully you’d gain something from this article.

Black cats have been traditionally the most misunderstood creature (count out the chameleons who only are killed by certain races). They have been labeled as evil and unlucky to be around. And yes, we would rant about why this is a baseless pursuit, but before that, we need to understand why this is so.

Flashback: let’s go back to around sixteenth century when women were ale brewers in the major cities of Europe. They brewed all night and sold it in the morning. They used to mostly all own cats (black more than usual) to eat any mice that would try to get in their space. They were popularly known as ale wives. However, men soon became jealous of their trade and accused the women of witchcraft and went on a rampage against these women. They were usually dressed in black robes and hat themselves (if you ever wonder where the image of the witch comes from, this is where it is derived from). Also, Europe then went on a rampage against cats and well, we all know the plague happened.

So, that is where black cats (or cats in general) came to be associated with witchcraft and witches. Black cats were evil because hello! They are black (Let’s just say Britishers were racists even here).

Now there is no denying that cats are highly energetic beings that do have a different understanding and skill set from the other animals. Witches (and real ones in this scenario) do presuppose to keep them as pets. Now here is the reason why it is totally awesome to adopt a black cat. Allow us to put it down in points:

  1. They are less adopted and because of that, you’ll be giving an individual another avenue to live in

       2. You’ll have your own floof of darkness roaming around in the house


        3. They are disguised dragons (imagine toothless in your house)


         4. They aren’t evil (except when they are destroying stuff like breaking glasses, throwing stuff off the table)

       5. They can easily distract you with their cute, adorable eyes


       6. People will presume you’re a witch

      7. They won’t need a costume for Halloween

      8. You can drive yourself crazy while trying to search for them (you won’t notice until it’s too late)

        9. They’re cute!

Look at us! Not running out of excuses to make you adopt a black cat.

Seriously, though they would make your life so much better because they are cats. Also, they do a really Goth show. I mean, think of it, there is a reason why Sabrina has a black cat to protect her. Oh! That reminds us, they could actually be supernatural entities (and you’ll never find out. How cool is that?)

And well, why are you still here? Go get yourself a black cat (I’m pretty sure witches wouldn’t have even bothered to read this article).   


Vansheeka Chandra Verma
Vansheeka Chandra Verma


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