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The word Strega is derived from the latin term Stregeria which literally translates to ‘witch’. And the fashion talks about exactly that- witch fashion. We are pretty sure we all have derived some inspiration from the witch community that very much exists and has a huge following from the Goth community.

The modern witch style has been incorporated in the fashion scene of the Goth from a long time and has recently gotten recognition. . Strega fashion although inspired by the culture of the witch, its origin lies in the roots Dark Mori fashion. Dark Mori is an offshoot to the Japanese Mori Kei’s fashion scene. Mori Kei is a Japanese street fashion that has layered clothing along with nature themed accessories and dresses. The makeup too, is kept natural. “While Mori Kei’s color scheme is typically off-white, beiges, then browns, the dark mori scheme is black, dark gray, browns, then other earth tones without venturing into natural kei, dark mori can easily have earthy greens, brick reds, and rich violets while staying within the genre.

This is not to be confused with the fashion of the actual witch community that actually does not follow any fashion style. Getting back to the Strega fashion in Goth community, the fashion is used to categorize the ‘witchcraft’ idea and appropriate it. For example, we are all aware of the famous quote of Killstarco- “You say witch like it’s a bad thing.”

Witch fashion usually includes common symbolism such as wearing pentacles, long dresses and gender neutral clothing (from the fact that witch is a gender neutral term used for both men and women). The essence is usually loose clothing to give the feel of a medieval jungle survival outfit of the day (basically, what witches did while they engaged their magick). It has layered clothing and high boots to of course, protect you from any harm. It is understandable why they opted for blacks is because black is a symbol of protection in the community.

Mufflers and overcoats are added to add to their air of mystery because the idea of witchcraft has always been veiled and misinterpreted on some level. Also, it will help them to get away from unwanted situations easily (why has it started sounding like an introvert’s dream outfit?) and of course, keep them away from harm.


The symbolism of moon and sun is used mostly and also feathers denote messages from the spiritual realm. Boho, is an overarching theme in a lot of Strega fashion scenarios because the cultural presumption of witches is that they maintain the bare minimum of relations (as all spiritual entities do). Also, if you are looking to specifically recreate a type of witch. For example, a kitchen witch, Pagan witch, Forest witch etc., its recommendable to do a little bit of a digging in it so that you can be on point with your aesthetic.

Do not shy away from using new interpretations and if you want any advices, go below the comment section and ask away.

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