by Vansheeka Chandra Verma May 04, 2019 2 min read

Challenge: how many looks a single black lipstick can create?


  • The classic black lips and black kohl look

That black lipstick can actually double as lipstick and kohl. You’ll need two brushes to create the look. A bigger lip brush for your lips and a smaller brush for the eyes. The problems of this look? Using one lipstick for eyes and lips can be really unhygienic. Also, lipstick has a very different composition than a Kohl stick so you might need to add other things to make it stick. Also, it’s advisable not to line your inner lids with it


  • Make a smokey eye

Take a slightly bigger eye brush. Take your lipstick and go ahead to turn a smokey eye look on your eyes. Make sure you don’t go overboard with it or you’ll go ahead and look like a raccoon on the loose. Also, it would be better if you have two brushes. One that also acts as a blender so that it effectively sweeps your entire eye. The problem of being unhygienic prevails here too along with the fact that you cannot use a matte lipstick in this case. It’s better if the lipstick has a gloss finish.

  • Draw a long wing (so long it can kill a man)

No, we actually mean it. This one’s a killer technique. If you are able to get those wings right with your normal eyeliner, you just need to get it right with a brush this time, and a lipstick, of course. And also, make it long. Why? Because we all like a wing where we can go ahead and say, “Slay, you queen!”. We’ll repeat our advice though don’t put it in the inner lids, make sure the brush is clean and of course, it can be unhygienic so be careful. It’s better to use a matte black lipstick so it gives you a clean finish because the other type of lipstick (glossy, especially) might not give you a clean finish.

  • Skull makeup

Oh yeah! We all love a good old skull makeup. You don’t even need to worry about a foundation or anything on this one. Just go straight to your face and dab that black color on your lips (you can choose to overdraw it or even make teeth), cheekbones to give that hollow effect, the entire eye socket and then add the finer details according to your choosing. Guess what? We think we have cracked a cheap stake guide to a Halloween party, guys!

  • Just use the lipstick

We swear this is the easiest on the lipstick *laughs*. Let’s be honest. Why take the lipstick to the eye if you know that’s a hazard? Just put on the lipstick and rock the very basic look. We recommend instead playing with your hairstyle (or not). Your choice, really! We just want you to channel that Goth energy you got like the other looks and that won’t change with the fashion statement you make.

Omg! We think this could be a highly Goth moralistic post. What do you say? 

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