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Baby bats? Nah man! More like sky puppies. And they aren’t a typical pet in the normal families. But the Goth family actually loves to keep them. If you are planning to keep one, then do read the below blog. It might prove helpful to you.

Before that, there are two types of bats: fruit bats and insect-eating bats. As evident from the name, fruit eating bats consume fruits and insect-eating bats need small insects such as spiders to survive. Bats aren’t the usual typical creatures that would be in a pet shop. Most of the baby bats are rescue animals that were either rejected by their mothers or were lost and rescued.

If you have happened to meet one that has crashed in your house or you were the one that rescued it, you might not have the time to figure out what sort of bat you are dealing with. The quickest solution to revive them during emergency is to mix a few drops of glucose in water and feed them through a drip. This would also take care of any dehydration that could be there. This can also work for baby birds and mice.


You can always go ahead and keep them in an open box that has been lined with soft tissues. In the case of fruit bats, you can mix some mashed potatoes and bananas and feed it to them. If in case it is too weak to eat it, you can smear it a little bit on the mouth and it will lick it off itself. Make sure you do it with care and not use too much of food.

If you find them losing body warmth, try wrapping them up loosely in a soft cloth. Make sure they you don’t restrict their movement. Also, an infant bat does not need more than one ml. of milk at a stretch of time. Do not over feed them or it’ll be fatal.


For the insect eating bats, it’s a little typical to house as they usually survive on small insects. It is advisable that you ask a local vet how to go about it (simply put, we do not consider ourselves in the position to explain how this species of bat has its nutrition laid out).

Also, the younger the bat, the more in need of the mother they would be. make sure they are warmed and fed. Injured bats might have a harder time to recover so be patient with them and always have professional help at your side just in case something has a possibility of happening. Grooming is also an important part of keeping bats healthy. Make sure that they have at least monthly baths with mild temperature waters.


They might be more active at nights so just give them the space and healthy environment of it.

P.S: these are some tips. Please do more reading and research before taking care of these sky puppies and remember, love!


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