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by Vansheeka Chandra Verma March 12, 2020 2 min read

20 reasons you need to stop stressing about Goth fashion


We have all understood the impending doom of “Am I Goth enough?” or the far worse one “Do I look Goth or Emo?”. Fashion industry can be stressful and keeping up with it is a task. However, we need to tell you that stressing about it is something that you can avoid if you constantly find yourself in the dilemma. Here are 20 reasons why you should stop stressing about Goth fashion.

  1. People who mistake you for Emo are illiterate about the Goth and Emo culture and should not actually bother you at all.

     2. Fishnets can just transform any look in minutes if you are feeling lazy.


    3. If boots cause you huge discomfort, they are not worth it. and no, not even if they are really expensive.


4. Piercings don’t define your love for the subculture. If you are afraid of the needle, you don’t need to stress about getting a piercing.

5. You’ll not get an Instagram blogger’s wardrobe in one go. And you never should (until and unless you are filthy rich)

6. Things are cheaper and fun if you DIY them. get your creative side rolling!

7. Experimentation is good. Approach it with confidence. We love seeing the diversity.

8. You don’t need to be stark white (people who say ethnic Goths are not real Goths are just racists and elitist and you don’t need them in your life).

9. Kat Von D is not necessary. If a drugstore brand works for you, go for it.

10. You will find Goth clothing even in thrift stores. You might have to look more than usual but you’ll find that perfect T-shirt. We promise.

11. You won’t be less of a Goth if you don’t dress Gothic for one day. Remember! Goth is a lifestyle.

12. You can always look for your aesthetic. We are not limited to Mohawk hairstyles and leather pants. We are more than that and we would love it if you would experiment.


13. People’s assumptions have nothing to do with you or your dress. People would have judged even if you weren’t Goth. Period!!

14. You can always start with Nu-Goth if things seem hard. They are much more flexible than the Victorian Goth style.

15. Aesthetics are not everything. Mental health is important too.

16. Hair gels are a lifesaver for people with unruly hair.

17. Hijab and Goth will still go together or any cultural convention can be twisted for you if you feel you can do it. We would all need some inspiration.

18. We are going to say this once. The attitude in the Gothic culture equals “Don’t give a damn” no matter what you choose to wear.

19. Models are paid and have a whole team behind them to look at what they look like in the flawless pictures. Don’t be fooled. Strive for it but don’t make it your life mission.

20. Goth fashion can be incorporated anywhere. Even weddings!

Vansheeka Chandra Verma
Vansheeka Chandra Verma


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