Steel Boned Gothic (Waist Trimmer) Corset

What is this all about


These corsets are the REAL Mutha F-en DEAL!  The quality starts off with 12 Steel bones and a 21 lace-up back grommet providing you with a true waist trainer corset.  Next you will notice the quality of the front metal ring buckles for the closure creating that unmistakable hourglass figure we all die for!  Finally, if the tight fit of the corset doesn't leave you breathless, the detail of the Embroidery will!  There is not another corset on the market that matches our quality at our price!


These are Euro sizes so if you typically wear a Large you'll possibly need an XL to check the size chart below carefully before ordering.

See sizing charts before purchasing. Corsets are sized by waist size (One inch above belly button). So the waist measurement is the most important when sizing for a corset. 

    •     8 Spiral Steel Bones, 6 Flat Steel Bones
    •     Authentic Steel Boned Brocade Underbust Corset
    •     Front Metal Ring Buckle Closure
    •     Lace up back with 21 grommet
    •     Strong Corset Cord Lacing
    •     100% Fine Cotton Twill Lining     
    •     No Suspender Loops
    •     Color: Black, Brown
    •     Length: 12''/30.5cm (Size M )    
    •     Back Length: 21" / 53.5cm
    •     Bust line: Cupless / Underbust
    •     Includes: Corset + G-string
    •     Decoration: Embroidery
    •     Material: Spandex, Nylon