Steampunk Gothic Corset

What is this all about

A perfect marriage between the Victorian era and the age of Industrial revolution, this Steampunk Gothic corset is the modern dream. That buckle up waist and the flared top is just a wasted potential if kept in the closet so get up, pull them on and you've got the best of two worlds! The buckle closure, mixed material composition and striped fabric is about to freeze everyone in the room.  

Material Composition: Polyester 90% Cotton 5% Elastan 5%
BrownFront: Busk, Buckle Closure
Sides Design: Striped
Back: Lace-up





What materials are your gothic corsets made of?

Most of our products are made with a range of Polyester Blends, Spandex, Polyester and Faux Leather.  Please look at the description above for the specific gothic dress.


Are the gothic corsets machine washable?

Yes! Like all our products, we recommend a cold wash and low tumble dry to keep your gothic corsets in its best condition.


Where does your corsets come from?

We select our steampunk corsets from designers and retailers of alternative steampunk fashion from all over the world. As such, we offer a staggering variety of steampunk corset tops to make any Victorian inspired outfit pop! And since we draw on steampunk designers from all over the world, you can shop with confidence - knowing that all of our corset tops totally unique, and designed to fit and flatter your figure.


Will all of my products now have the gothic babe logo?

No, Some of our most popular products are branded but many are not.  Many of our Gothic products are sourced from manufacturers all around the world.


Will the colors in my new gothic corsets fade once I wash them?

Absolutely not! Our gothic corsets are each made with the highest quality material blends with resilience and comfort in mind.  We really focus only dealing with manufacturers who share our desire to get the BEST quality to our customers for the lowest prices.


How durable are the seams of your products?

Great question.  Our products are all sewn together using the 7-point stitch method to ensure that our products are built with maximum strength and quality.


For more questions please contact us at to let us know what you would like know.