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Spooktacular Glow In The Dark Nail Stickers


Do not let your nails down when your whole costume is on point. Here are many spooky, funky, and cute Halloween glow-in-the-dark nail stickers that you can find and match with your costume.

How to use nail stickers?
In order to achieve the perfect result, please follow the below instructions:
1. Push back the cuticle & file the nail surface (this is to smoothen the nail surface & remove grease & moisture to achieve a long-lasting result). Remember to clean the nail afterward.
2. Select the suitable sizes (cut to the correct size if necessary).
3. Carefully remove the transparent protective layer. Then peel it off carefully.
4. Position onto "the moon" of the nail. Make sure the sticker curve touches the cuticle line. Press gently through the central line of the nail plate towards the free edge. Forget about the excess at this point.
5. Press from the moon towards the nail groove size by size. During this step, squeeze the air out of the sticker to ensure a smooth touch.
6. Cut the excess sticker, and then file the edges gently to make it smooth.
7. To ensure a long-lasting result, apply a UV topcoat.

Avoid touching the water on the first day of applying.
Apply top coat will keep for a long time.
Due to different monitors, the color of the picture will be different.




Material: Plastic Paper
Quantity: 14 tips/sheet