Plush Slutty Lingerie


Some of us are just naughty girls that need this Plush Slutty lingerie. We need the softness but we are also crazy. Combine your body with this bikini and help them see the best of both worlds. 

Plush Slutty Lingerie Set will make em have a total meltdown. This sexy lingerie set comes with a plushy bra top and panties, both are connected with a seamless garter that features exposed diamond cutouts. It also has a cute hair, neck, and tail accessories that drive every man going crazy.



Material: Polyester Blends
Color: Purple Grey
Package: Hair accessories + Neck ring+ Three-point bandage+Tail
Size: One Size
  Bust: 66-105cm                      Waist: 74-110cm
  T-Pants Waist: 62-108cm      Weight: 35-70kg