Goth Rave Body Harness Selection


Goth Rave Body Harness Selection comes in ten different styles and in black or red Spandex. 

The body harnesses with more straps and detail are priced a bit higher, (just so you know), however, all are priced to satisfy a strict budget. 

So what you are left with is having to choose which one has you spell bond and what gothic clothing will you wear it with . . . IF ANY!  :)


Material: 100% Brand New Spandex
Size: One size, fit the buckles as your body size

Usage occasions: rave Festival clothes, excellent for cosplay or Halloween, nightclub or casual daily wear

Bust: (27-47) inches = (70-120 cm)
Under the bust: (24-40) inches = (60-101 cm)

Waist: (24-37) inches = (61-94 cm)
Hip: (27-47) inches = (68-120 cm)
Leg ring: (16-20) inches = (40-50 cm)

Size: One Size Fit