Flirty Fantasy Gothic Lingerie

Details : Exotic Lingerie

Heavily detailed lace work, with carefully put together material, this lingerie is just superior (sorry, I don’t make the rules!). This is the kind of lingerie that you never knew you needed. This is the fantasy gothic lingerie that is highly versatile and should be owned by a goddess like you! Now that’s what I call a match made in hell! Featuring an elegant lace criss-cross front with stunning ruffles on your hips to accentuate your curves, a sexy bra and thong combo guaranteed to make daddy grin. 

 Polyester, Spandex, Lace
Collections: Goth Lingerie, BDSM Gear

Bust: 56-94cm
Waist: 76-96cm
Length: 61cm
Weight: 40-60kg 80-135lbs