Erotic Sailor Moon Cosplay Lingerie

Dark Blue
What is this all about

If you are a sailor moon fanatic like me, you can tell how many characters this lingerie can be styled for! Sailor moon has literally has a whole fandom behind it and I'm pretty sure everyone would love to see a sexier version of Sailor moon/Sailor mercury/Queen Serenity. 

The soft color of the lingerie makes this absolutely beautiful! We have a variant in red-white, pink and even a black-white. It comes with the whole set too. The bow and cuts are made in concern to the costumes the characters have on the show.  

Material: Polyester, Spandex
Package: Hair band + Top + underwear + wristband * 2+ leg ring * 2 (No stockings, stockings are purchased separately)
Size: One Size
Model Heigt: 165cm
Model Weight:49kg
Suitable Weight:40-60kg