Erotic Maid Fetish Lingerie

What is this all about

Who says old tropes aren’t sexy? I mean… Maids require to be bendy for situations and that situation could also be something sexy, don’t you think? The erotic maid Fetish lingerie will make sure you have the flexibility and the sex appeal to be the best of them!

Adorned with bows, the Erotic Maid Fetish lingerie will keep you up to your task. It comes with a collar and a net skirt that barely covers you so they can see the beautiful thong underneath, making the job easier. 

Material: Polyester Blends & Net Cloth
Package including: 1 hairwear + 1 collar + 1 bowknot bra + 1 dress + 1 thong
Model Height: 49kg Weight: 49kg
Size: Bust[ 60-88cm] Waist [60-88cm]
Suitable Weight: 40-60kg
Size: One size