Elegant Stygian Bunny Cosplay Lingerie


The definition for stygian is pitch black, inky, sooty, or dusky “The Stygian Crypt”. The elegant stygian bunny lingerie isn’t just as dark as your soul, it's soft too, they would not stop caressing you. Basically, they won’t be able to keep their hands off you (not that you wanted them to!). 

Dark as the pitch black night this naughty black lingerie with the fluffy white bunny tale, criss cross lace up back, and the sheer lace highlight on the bosom and at the thighs adds a sensual elegance also. 

Devilishly, devious, dark and dirty . . . with the choker and headband included . . . this item becomes a sexy Halloween costume, or Cosplay attire.  


Material:  Corduroy 
Size:  One Size